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which gift should I get?


Which present for me?  

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  1. 1. Which of these should I get for myself?

    • Fitbit
    • freezer
    • toaster/convection oven

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Update! I bought the Fitbit, and found it with a 2 year protection plan for only $9 more, since I don't just lose things, I break them too. It was $5 cheaper at Target but ht protection plan was $35 more there. 


My mom gave me a check to buy myself something and put it under the tree from her, lol. 


I don't NEED anything. 


Current wants are either a new fitbit Charge 2, which is on sale this weekend for $99, from a normal price of $149. I actually got one for my anniversary at the beginning of October but lost it...I had put it in the pocket of my baby carrier instead of my pants pocket when at the store (won't count steps when pushing a cart) and when I took the baby out of the carrier it must have fallen out. In the parking lot. No one turned it in...so yeah. I like wearing one, but I feel I don't deserve a new one after losing the other one. And I haven't told my husband yet that I lost the old one....


Or, a chest freezer for the garage. However I can only afford the chest kind, not an upright, and I'm thinking I'll lose stuff in the bottom. I'm only 5ft1inch tall. And I'd have to ask DH to make room for it in the garage. And then there is the cost of running it. But right now, as I try to fit birthday party leftovers and a turkey and thanksgiving leftovers and turkey broth in my current freezer it sure is tempting. Of course, turkey's probably won't go on sale again until next winter, lol. And really, maybe I should just be better about managing the space I have. Or wait and buy a cheap refrigerator/freezer combo off of craigslist when I spot one, and when the garage is cleaned out, so I have a place for drinks, holiday platters, etc. 


Or, a convection/toaster oven. I HATE my current toaster oven and currently toast bread in my actual oven because I can control it better. Plus where the toaster oven is located is hard to get to in my kitchen. I may have the same issue with a new one, and not really use it? Or will I use it all the time if it is actually easy to use? Mine burns the top and undercooks the bottom of things. 


So, what do you think? All are within $20 of each other. 

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Get the fitbit, it's for you, whereas the other things are more for the family.


But why don't you wear your fitbit when pushing a cart?


Because it gives me a fraction of the steps when I do that. And I'm step greedy! For years I've put it in a pants pocket or in my waistband if wearing yoga pants or something without pockets. That's been fine. This time I was in a rush, shopping with the whole family including DH which never happens, and shoved it in the carrier. What's super dumb is it HAS a pocket with a zipper, I just used the other one. Dumb mistake. 


I've had fittest for years and never lost one before :(

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​Given the choices, I would get the Fitbit UNLESS you think one of the other items will make life more enjoyable/much easier for you.


Actually, I would probably get something less useful than a Fitbit - a real splurge. Maybe a bunch of teas, chocolates, bath salts, books etc? Or some puzzles/games etc.? Definitely something that will be fun and feel like a present.

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