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10th grade spring writing - what would you do? (BW, WAH, etc)

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My 10th grader is currently enrolled in Writeathome's Essay Workshop 2 (taken Essay Workshop 1 earlier this year).


We have spring semester left before we enroll in AP Eng Lang for 11th grade.


I had planned to take Writeathome's Literary Analysis - as I feel this is his weakest area. He never really learned how to analyze and write analysis on literary works. But he's in his Essay WS 2 and he's currently writing a Lit Analysis paper. But there's no instruction. They give great feedback on first draft, revision, another revision and final draft. But where's the how-to? 


Do any other (preferably) online programs like Bravewriter offer better instruction - or is that just great feedback after the fact also (but no real instruction)?


I see BW offers a couple Literary Analysis for this spring but neither particularly interest me for him (Grapes of Wrath, too close to AP exams) and then Shakespeare's Merchant in Venice - but he's already deep in throes of Roy Speed Shakespeare. They also offer Expository Essay (Rhetorical Critique & Analysis) where he would write a summary/strong response essay & image analysis essay.


Any other thoughts?? :-)) We were big fans of IEW 5th-8th grade - so that's where we learned the how-to. So any thoughts? 


Who's taken Writeathome Literary Analysis or the Essay Workshops - your thoughts?

Who's got experience with BW? They are about 2x as expensive as WAH, so more leaning toward WAH...

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I have been very happy with some of the Brave Writer courses. I would highly recommend courses from Susanne Barrett and Jean Hall (there have been other instructors with whom I have been less impressed.)


The essay courses DO provide instruction on how to approach writing an essay. For example, there will be summary exercises or thesis exercises leading up to the drafting of the essay. One caveat, though: Brave Writer is very gentle in approach. The instructor will meet the student where ever the student appears to be, and they only have the student's work to go by. In other words, it's easy for a student to simply do the minimum. If a student wants to get the most benefit from the class, he/she will need to put forth his/her best effort. Obviously, I don't know your student and this is just a general caveat. Good luck in finding what works for you. :)

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