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  1. I just had a religious science teacher respond to me via Facebook to say that "You cannot teach AP bio from a Christian perspective. 33% of the test is evolution based." So, perhaps an opening prayer will be the religious aspect of the course. Will post an update once we decide.
  2. First off, know that we are a secular family looking for an AP Bio class with a live online class component. I realize both Wilson Hill Academy, Sylvia Chen and Potters School, David Rockholm teach from a religious point of view, but both also use a secular textbook (Campbell). This is the first time in our eight years of homeschooling that I'm at a complete loss. I've even contacted and met with a local public school AP Bio teacher. While this teacher was amenable to our proposal, she is very geared to the public school system. I just can't find another option. Can anyone please give me some insight as to whether WHA or TPS might work for us?
  3. highschoolmathlive.com Our daughter took AP Calc AB with Ms Regina London this year and ranked this class as one of the best. According to our girl, Ms London, Ms Jetta (physics) and Mr D (pre-algebra to pre-calc) all share the top spot on her list!
  4. We're on the fence with FLVS for AP. We live in Florida so classes are free. But so far we've not been impressed with the quality. There is rarely a "lecture." It's mainly slide presentations, animated videos and readings for each assignment. The material is basic, generic, with very little substance. A good teacher helps but can't make up for the lack of depth. Even with responsive teachers, feedback and recommendations have been minimal. DD has had to research topics on her own in order to complete assignments and gain a better grasp on the material. With that said, these classes are easy As. DD has taken chem and bio (honors), anatomy and physiology (honors), english 2, HOPE and drivers education.
  5. Had to jump in regarding AP Calc. Mrs Regina London, Highschoolmathlive.com, was exceptional. She ranks up there with Ms Jetta! Live classes. Meet 2 to 3 times a week. Truly outstanding. Now if only I can find an AP Bio teacher like Ms Regina and Ms Jetta!
  6. Has anyone looked at Apex Learning's AP Bio? I'm also looking for an AP Bio for this year.
  7. Thanks for the info! GPS looks perfect for our family.
  8. I just don't know what to do. DD16 10th grade has taken geology, chem/honors, bio/honors, physics, and anatomy and physiology/honors. She said she'll take an AP bio or chem next year if I make her. But she'd like marine bio/honors or something different. While she's taking math and spanish at the local college in the fall, she's not ready for three college classes yet. She's a premed student, currently has 400 hospital volunteer hours, nearly finished with her congressional award program, and struggles to handle more than 3-4 classes at a time. As part of her schedule next year, she wants to continue volunteering and asked me to find more job shadowing opportunities for her. She's shadowed three doctors so far and loves the experience. Any thoughts on how I could turn job shadowing into an elective or science credit? I also have calls in to several labs so if she can shadow, intern or participate somehow. I know I'm pushing the envelope especially for her junior year, but know that she's not shooting for an ivy league school - plans to apply to University of Florida, University of Tampa and University of South Florida....maybe Miami. Think this crazy idea would be a red flag since it's her junior year?
  9. I believe ICES does offer short term programs - one semester. And maybe 6 weeks. I'll definitely look into this option. Thank you!
  10. You are right. And dh is not 100% on board. Appreciate your insight.
  11. Wow...so far such positive experiences. I can't wait to share your comments with my family.
  12. Sorry...I mean dual enrollment. Thanks for the insight! Super helpful.
  13. Considering it. We recently moved into a larger home, and are fortunate to be in a decent financial position. (At least for the moment! Family owned businesses are a roller coaster ride!) We briefly considered being foster parents but that path doesn't seem to be the right fit for our family. So, we're thinking about hosting a student through ICES: boy or girl, age 15-18, would attend the public high school which is a mile away, they have health insurance/allowance, one or two semesters here, we can select the student, we can "return" the student if it doesn't work out. Background on us: DD16, going to DE for 11th, will have her drivers license this fall. DD13, 9th. Both girls are active. Husband works long hours. I'm full time with the girls. The girls are very open to the idea. Husband is worried that having another student in the house will take away from his time with the girls. I think we should share our current situation and feel that an exchange student would add yet another positive element to our family dynamics. Any thoughts out there?
  14. We are all about Mr D and highschoolmathlive.com. Ms Regina London has been truly phenomenal with AP Calc this year.
  15. Yes. DD16 was definitely prepared. She took Mr D precalc then AP Calc AB with Mrs London, highschoolmathlive.com and currently has a high A. DD diligently works at each assignment and attends every class. She was not going to take the AP test in May but changed her mind. Mrs London continued right where Mr D left off and has generated even more confidence in our daughter's approach to testing. DD had no issues making the transition and, like Mr D, she will miss having Mrs London as a teacher.
  16. Our DD16 will DE in August and is considering Spanish I at St Pete College along with a math course (not sure which math, that's a whole other issue!). I've heard the workload is tough but DD likes the idea of one year of college Spanish as opposed to two years at a high school level. (She already took three years of ASL as her foreign language plus one high school credit of Deaf culture.) Any pros and cons out there?
  17. Nicholas_mom, Yes, we are with Ms Regina. The best decision. I can't get over how quickly she responds with positive feedback on everything. Lectures are thorough and clear. It's been a smooth transition from Mr D Math to Ms Regina. Gearing up for the AP Calc test in May, which at the beginning of the school year our daughter wasn't going to take. However, the year has been so rewarding, she wants to give the test a try.
  18. Here's a rough outline of DD's plan. These are definite: Math - St Pete College (Dual Enrollment) Science - St Pete College (DE) Research Writing - Ms Eva (Open Tent Academy) And the rest . . . we're not sure yet: US Government (Thinkwell, FundaFunda) fall Economics (Thinkwell, FundaFunda) spring Spanish I (Homeschool Spanish Academy) English III Honors (FLVS) DD wanted to add in an AP class, but I feel the two DE classes will need most of her attention. She's taking AP Calc this year so we can at least put one AP class on her transcript. Plus, writing is her weakness so Ms Eva's class will take up tons of time. She also volunteers at a local hospital, tap dances and belongs to an acting studio.
  19. Our baby is starting 9th grade . . . still shaking my head. This is what we have confirmed: Math - Algebra II (Mr D) Language - ASL 4 (Open Tent Academy) Still not sure on the following: English - English I (T4L or Plato/Edmentum) History - US History (Great Courses DVDs) Science - Biology (Friendly Biology, T4L, or Plato/Edmentum) Possibly a fine arts credit in theater and pe/health credit in dance/yoga/nutrition. I need to keep our DD's 9th grade year pretty basic, straightforward with less live online classes. I overloaded her for 8th grade with 7 online classes and it hasn't gone well at all. Plus, she wants to continue with volunteering at the local theater and elementary school.
  20. Thanks, I definitely appreciate your two cents, teachermom2834. I do spend a ton on outsourcing. Our oldest has always wanted these live online classes but now with our younger daughter, I'm learning that the fit may not be ideal. Guess it's a good thing I'm figuring things out now in 8th grade before she starts high school.
  21. Mr D Math highschoolmathlive.com Both have been outstanding. We've taken Mr D for math for almost 5 years - pre Algebra through to pre Calc. And started with Ms London, highschoolmathlive.com, for AP Calc this school year. Excellent in terms of responsiveness to our daughter's questions, grades quizzes and tests typically within hours and is engaging during the live sessions. I'd have to look up what we paid Ms London, but it just doesn't seem like enough! She's incredible.
  22. RootAnn, I'm able to teach her science. I just feel more secure when I outsource classes for high school credit. It's not that I'm unsure of my ability, it's that I want to present a high school transcript that demonstrates my child's ability to handle third party classes with a professional and I serve as the counselor....not the teacher. Perhaps I've been too hung up over this idea.
  23. RootAnn, she’s currently taking her third year of ASL. So either ASL 4 next year or I’d prefer Spanish. I thought Spanish Homeschool Academy - live one on one class. Again another online class. I never considered giving credit for her extras but several of you make valid points. And this would help her a ton. She’ll take algebra 2 with Mr D for sure. I like the idea of Great Courses. Goodgrief1, she also dances. Last year it was 10 hours a week. We’ve cut that down because theater picked up. She’ll add in more during the spring. I’ll look at Plato. Thanks
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