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    Alg. 1, 2011: DVDs with automatic grading Answer key and Tests Spiral-bound textbook no writing, corners slightly turned up on answer key


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    Discovering Design with Chemistry – Wile + Answer Key and Tests Like new.


  3. Perhaps a musical topic not easily or usually covered by many music programs. A webinar held by John Hodges of Circe Institute. When: Thursday, September 27, 4:00-5:30pm EST. Where: Online Cost: Only $10! There is a division between popular and art music in the 20th century, and the division grows larger as the century progresses. How did this come about? What are the roots of today's popular music? How does it compare with the music of past generations? Conductor/composer John Hodges will lead us through the history of popular music in the 20th century, touching on jazz, blues, rock and roll, and the various categories that follow. https://www.circeinstitute.org/store/events/popular-music-20th-century-webinar?mc_cid=252c8afa15&mc_eid=fbe980169b
  4. Yes, I do that myself, at least 50% of the time. My medicine also makes me very drowsy: Lyrica and muscle relaxers. I wouldn't mind his napping if he awoke earlier, but he wakes up after 10 as it is. I'm working on his vitamin and herbal combinations to get his best focus and calm through the day and a better night's sleep. Obviously, exercise has to start. I'm going to create, with his commitment to and cooperation with, a daily schedule which sets specific parameters on time spent on academics, a couple of breaks during the day, and alternating between subjects to lessen brain drain and computer time. He finally found his blue-light filter for his computer. A big problem he has is he waits too long to eat. Drives me nuts because his lack of schedule is a cause for many migraines, specifically, sleeping and eating schedule inconsistencies. We've talked and he's approved a new yearly schedule for him. It's 36 weeks long, but it allows for 4 weeks on, 1 week off, in addition to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Passover. This also allows his history to to be done in 3 days, instead of 4 and stretches it out to having 2 weeks to complete a chapter, instead of 1.
  5. Thank you so much. Everyday requires extreme effort. I'm trying. Overwhelmed. Emotional pain makes my neurological pain worse. That should improve in time; hopefully. There are other areas of my health - and his - that have been neglected over the 4+ years which need attending to. It will take awhile for me to climb out of this pit she, and her adult enablers, have dug without any sense of consequence for her or us. But, I have to. Thanks again for your kind words.
  6. I forgot to write it in my original post; I wrote it in a later one when i noticed. It's for this year. Once a week. It's low-key (no pun intended).
  7. I'm just not sure his chess class qualifies. When I asked a veteran homeschooler mom and co-op teacher, I was informed it was only extra-curricular. If he finds something, that'd be good. Frankly, he needs a paying job. Yes, we are going to be cooking together. I'll make a syllabus. I'm a Nourishing Traditions person. I have teaching cookbooks by Sue Becker and reading material by Food Renegade who created a NT-based food "curriculum" for middle and high school. And, yes, I will include food docs and maybe some of the GC lectures re: food prep. I guess I would just use the time-clock version of what qualifies as a credit. Thanks for nudging me with this, as it's something I wanted to do, but it's been on the back burner. It will help both of us.
  8. Thank you for all your effort. The Personal Finance and Accounting class at Classes by Beth is categorized as a math class, worth 1 credit. Plus, I can get the "Recorded" option for him which is not only cheaper, but moves at a much slower pace; giving him over a year to complete the material and the teacher still grades his work. Awesome! QUESTION: Since I'm doing a subject-based transcript, and he's completed subjects out of order, can I omit the dates on his course descriptions?
  9. I just canceled his Biology Lab Intensive coming up in November. It would've required that he get across Atlanta by 8:30 and go till 5pm; and then stay at a hotel close by and get there again the next morning by 8:30 till noon. Additionally, he would've missed his co-op day AND his Latin class. Which would stress him out even more. Not worth it. There's no way he can handle that right now and I'm not comfortable with pressing him to BE ready in two months. I'd signed him up in June, when he was feeling better, during a lull in our drama. I have the Apologia DVD which has all the labs completed by the teacher. So, he can watch and write up a lab report. Plus, he can do it at his own pace. Yeah!?
  10. I was looking at that as an option. Another is Classes by Beth recorded or live version of Accounting and Personal Finance Recorded classes allow students to take up until one week prior to the next school year to complete the class. He can contact her via email and she still grades his work. Sounds like a winner! This would prepare for handling his own business affairs if he would prefer to be self-employed for whatever reason, more options. Plus, it's a math credit.
  11. I'll need to double check on what part he covered. He devoured the H.A. Rey books on Astronomy as a little boy and the Wonders of Creation series, up till Ecology. GA requires 4. I want him to be prepared to handle real-life finances and maybe be an entrepreneur, so to understand business. His personality will demand more choice in his life; he gets it honestly. I'll take a look. Thanks. His gut is messed up due to his experiences with his dad when his schizoaffective disorder was ascending. It flares up. That sounds interesting. We definitely feel "bullied" and emotionally abused by her (she was physical, too; he had to hold her down at one point before I took her to the hospital). Then the mental and emotional abuse continued as I had to battle with the facilities she was in to hold her accountable for her actions, to have family therapy (I was denied by two of the three), and recognize that she was being abusive towards us. But they didn't see it that way; she was the victim, not us and they took that, and her false accusations, to you-know-who; even though her accusations had already been investigated by another county and found false, but that didn't matter. So, then, the attention was taken off of her and placed onto us; exactly as she always liked it: blame others, no personal responsibility, and no remorse. But she's got lots of charm!
  12. I shouldn't have been so absolute with my migraine-personality statement, as it is controversial and kind of a pseudo-science and for good reason. Migraine sufferers come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. Sometimes it seems which came first, the chicken or the egg syndrome: behaviors first or the migraine causing the behaviors? He gets so much neurological junk from both sides. I have syringomyelia and hormonal migraines and my mom has myasthenia gravis, depression, anxiety, and migraines. I mentioned his Dad's problems, but also his side is littered with very serious mental illness (narcissism, borderline, sociopath, along w/anxiety, bipolar, and depression); that's where my dd got it from; she is my husband's biological great-niece. So, son and daughter are biological cousins. My husband's seizures were likely caused by a hit to the head as a football coach, not birth, though he was born at 28 weeks, died 3x in 1961, so, pre-disposed, definitely. So, ds learning to manage his emotions is high priority. We're going to watch and work through Who Switched Off My Brain? by Dr. Caroline Leaf. He's better on boundaries than I am, but he still needs work on controlling what he dwells on and making healthy decisions for himself, regarding activity and food. The latter is vital since he'll likely have a sedentary job. Which is what I like about the Apologia Health curriculum.
  13. I'm using Apologia's new Health. It is very good in the areas where he needs: lifestyle habits, mental health, food safety, and also goes into sexual health and relationships. I can take it slower and cut out projects. He knows how to do a few things, but not enough. I will be working with him more in the kitchen: knowing the names for tools, when to use what, basic dishes. I lost all of my joy for cooking through all of this, unmotivated, and our appetites have been inconsistent; and so we've been just like two single people, unfortunately. So, it will help us both. I don't know all of what his therapist has required. She's been working with him weekly, or biweekly. He tells me the basics of what they talk about and anything he fills out or does.
  14. I moved Physical Geography to science since the text they used is a Geology text. So, after his Chemistry this year, he's fine. Tech (I assume you're referring to 3D Modeling?) is considered an art form. Am. H., Economics, Gov., are next year; and (hopefully) Personal Finance as a 4th math.
  15. Thank you. I had written it all out before, but that was before he had another downturn. In GA its 4 sciences, 3 soc. studies, 2 Foreign Lang.; 1 Fine Arts; Health isn't an elective here. 23 minimum credits I meant to put in Am. His. above post; slated for his senior year. The book used for the Physical Geography class was Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, 6th Ed, so I moved that into the science category as Geology on his transcript. If he'll find something of interest to do as an elective that would work I'll go with that. I have your post about a homegrown film course that he found a couple things of interest. So, we'll look at that again.
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