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  1. Enlightenment Aesthetics: Expression in the Music of the 18th and 19th centuries Presented by John Hodges with the Circe Institute.
  2. historymatters

    Suggestions for World History

    How about James Stobaugh W. History combined with Great Courses, some bios, and primary documents? That's my plan, anyway. I thought it seemed the most balanced. Great Courses options: Foundations of Western Civilization I & II; Utopia and Terror in the 20th cen.; Music as a Mirror of History; individual lectures from a variety of other courses. I have GCPlus, so I can pick and choose
  3. historymatters

    Tabletclass Geometry

    Yes, the answers are now at separate location within the program. It comes as a part of the package one purchases.
  4. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

    Candide was made into an opera by Leonard Bernstein. Don Quixote is on my son's World Lit. list this coming year.
  5. historymatters

    Another Book Option: Camus or Kafka?

    Thank you, Lori. I replied on my other post.
  6. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

    Just shows the fascinating differences in individuals.
  7. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

    Thank you, Lori; I agree. My son has had struggles with depression, so I am very careful. Several on your list are already on mine. I've highlighted in bold those which are also on my list.
  8. historymatters

    Another Book Option: Camus or Kafka?

    Apparently, it's how Kafka felt about his own childhood. I think I will use Camus, with a Kafka short story.
  9. historymatters

    Another Book Option: Camus or Kafka?

    I think I will throw in a Kafka short story.
  10. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

    Well, he chose C and P. I'm a little disappointed, as I actually think he'd prefer BK, with its philosophical bent. So, I hope he'll appreciate C & P. I think I will read BK.
  11. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

    I could let him read the synopsis and get his opinion. Usually, he prefer that I pick.
  12. historymatters

    Which Dostoevsky book?

  13. historymatters

    Another Book Option: Camus or Kafka?

  14. historymatters

    Hstory of Asia

    Understanding Japan: The Barbarian Empire: Understanding Imperial China: A History of India: From Yao to Mao: 5000 Years of Chinese History: China's Long March by Jean Fritz. Mao by Albert Marrin
  15. historymatters

    Another Book Option: Camus or Kafka?

    If I may inquire: what are those two things?
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