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If you know Kindle and Audio books - could you help me out?


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DH is taking a class.  He is pretty academically successful but reading takes a lot of effort, and worse, time.


Listen to something read TO him during commute time would save his sanity.


This is the book:



It has an etext.  We have kindles and iphones.  Can you tell by looking at this whether there is a feature that will read aloud the chapters?





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It's on learning ally. It's a read aloud by voice (not computer). Learning ally is for people with reading disabilities. If you have an account (?$100/year or less), you get access to all the thousands of books, all read aloud. I can't remember if anyone in your family has a reading disability, or if your DH does.

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There isn't an audio edition (or doesn't seem to be) but depending on the Kindle model it might be able to read it. It's not going to sound like a narrator reading but like a computer voice. 


Oh, just realized that you have iPhones and noticed Tania's link. It's still going to sound like a computer reading but if that doesn't bother him it should be fine.

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