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Indoor Bunny Care: Remind me!


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We used to have 3 house rabbits (but our last bunny died 15+ years ago) (those old timers might remember I used to be threelops :) ).  

Our neighbor just gave us their bunny.  I've evidently forgotten all but the basic bunny care.  He's in a (too small) cage, but is used to being outside the cage in a pen or bunny proof room.  She said that he's never gone on theor hard floor, but only on the fleece in the cage and twice on their carpet.  I'm looking at a cage upgrade, but I need to see what cube walls I have left first and decide where he'll be kept.

He seems to be fleece trained, though they have no litter box in the (too small) cage.  I don't really want to use fleece and add washing it to my day.  With our last bunnies, we used wood pellets in a litter box.  Is that still acceptable?  Or would Carefresh type litter work better?  Do you think I can train him to use something other than fleece?

He's got timothy hay and pellets. 

What else do I need to know?  Remind me!  He's very sweet, and while he doesn't like to be held, he will let my boys pet him for hours.  

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We have this cage for our lionhead bun, https://www.amazon.com/Living-World-Deluxe-Habitat-X-Large/dp/B007BNE1YA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505784933&sr=8-1&keywords=indoor+bunny+cage which we leave open all the time into this octagon playpen



It gives him a lot of room to run around when we can not supervise him. We take him out twice a day when we are in the room with him because he likes to chew. In the cage, we have a regular sized cat litter box, and he always goes in there. I put the wooden cat litter pellets. He also has a small shallow box for the carefresh fluff to nest in. He gets as much hay as he wants in his hayrack, day and night. A small scoop (1 tablespoon) of pellets twice a day, and a handful of assorted lettuces, herbs, and an occasional baby carrot, apple slice, grape, cucumber, sweet bell pepper slice, etc. whatever fresh veggies we have on hand, I'll give him a tiny bit with his 'salad'.

He's the best little pet, so sweet, super easy to care for. Other than nail clipping, my six year old does all his care. We change the entire litter box every 2-3 days and it never smells. Under the octagon gate, I put one of those desk chair mats to keep him off the wood floor just in case he ever has an accident. It's never happened though. When he roams free in the room, he's never gone to the bathroom. Once he figured out the litter box, we've never had an issue. I'm hoping to take him outside into the chicken coop for some supervised outside time soon.

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