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Ripley's aquarium Gatlinburg


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How much time would you spend there.


1. Pretend you love aquariums and spent 7 hours in the aquarium in Atlanta a few years ago. People going will include a 16 year old with intellectual disabilities who will happily go along if permitted to sit in a wheelchair and ride all day long and an almost 20 year old who will go along to humor mom.


2. This post is not asking for judgement on whether aquariums should exist.



Bonus if you can identify local restaurants with gluten free offerings.

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Listening in. We are also looking at the aquarium and for allergy friendly food.


We are heading that way for the eclipse. Are you? We will wave at you, if so!


We are also GF, and I am sad we won't go to my favorite hole in the wall restaurant there. Best Italian. Which is aptly named. I used to do a show in Gatlinburg for 6 weeks at a time, so I'm very familiar with that restaurant. Mmmmm. I think it would kill me to eat there now.

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We were just there a few weeks ago.  I did not find it to be overly large but it was extremely crowded.  We probably spent about 1.5 hours but I also had an extremely grumpy kid and we didn't stop for any of the feedings or anything like that.  


Didn't pay very close attention to the allergy options at restaurants because we don't have any in our family. 

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