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Name that printer Please?


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I Desperately need a new printer. Ours has died and I'm sick of trudging to the library or UPS to print things. I'm buying myself a new one as a combo Birthday / start of school year present. 



I need:


Black only {but if it does color that's nice too}

Laser {Inkjet was eating me alive in costs}

Wireless {I need to be able to print from my phone}

Available from Amazon

And preferably Less than than $75. Definitely less than $100. 

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Yes, Brother black and white laser printer. I have had two in my lifetime. Excellent.


As Speed Queens are WTM washer recommendations, Brother compact lasers are WTM printer rec, lol.


I got the 2360 DW


Check the Brother website to compare models. I like compact size, auto duplex printing, fast speed, wireless AND iOS compatible. Brothers have a low cost per page, very important.


Whe I bought mine, I checked Amazon and Staples. Staples had them on sale, so I saved about $20, iirc. I think my cost was about $79.



Wireless. I am not an expert, but I should explain. My older Brother was wireless, so I could print from MacBook. But it was not iOS enabled. I had to use Printer Pro app to print from iPad or iPhone. My new Brother has AirPrint, so I can print easily from iPhone and iPad. Just saying that wireless and AirPrint are not necessarily the same, as far as I know.

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