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UPDATE in OP French Language Help - Montreal People Too!


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UPDATE 7/16/2017: I reached out to my aunt. She found her and her living brother's birth certificate copies. They were both born at the Royal Victoria Hospital. So it is likely the other uncle who died as a newborn was born there too since he came in between my aunt and living uncle. My aunt's record reads that it was from the Cote des Neiges parish in what was called the United Church. I looked online and there is currently no church by that name. However, I know they were non-Catholic and it is likely they went to the Presbyterian Church.


I am having trouble locating a site to get to birth/death records for this parish. I have not found anything that leads me to a certain place to contact about old records or a search function. The search function I did find for the parish records only goes up until 1900.


Any ideas?



UPDATE 6/29/17: The map and street name, were exactly correct! I was able to find a city directory from the 1950s online for Montreal, and my grandfather's name was listed as living on Dalou Ave. (Rue Dalou). I was able to go to Google Maps and zoom down and see the front of the home in which my mom had her first few years. Thank you to all who helped!


I am still trying to determine their parish. All birth and death records were kept by the church (Catholic and non-Catholic) parishes. But, the trick is knowing which parish they belonged to. I know they were non-Catholic, however, there are many parishes. I am hoping by finding out where my mom, aunt, and uncle were baptized, I might be able to discover the church and then look up my other uncle from there. Or, if I can locate the hospital where he was born, maybe that will help out. My mom recalls a doctor's name, but we are not sure if he was an OB/GYN, pediatrician, or a GP.


Really nothing else from the family tree hangs on this uncle since he passed away as a newborn. But, I want to honor his memory. Sadly, and maybe this was due to the era and the private nature of my grandparents, none of us really know anything about the circumstances of Patrick's birth and death. My mom was 5 when he was born/died. My other uncle was only 2. It might just remain only known to God, but I am going to try!



I took Spanish.


I am trying to figure out something for my family's ancestry (a project my Grandpa and I always discussed, but never did. He passed away in November, and I feel like I should finish this).


My mom was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1952. She had a brother, born there, in 1957, who also died in 1957. From family lore from other aunts and uncles, it sounds like he may have died soon after birth, possibly in the hospital. Yes, I realize it is odd that my grandparents never spoke of him to pretty much anybody, which is why no one knows much. But I am trying to give this little guy a place in the family tree.


Mom recalls her street name was Daloo or Deloo (English phonetic sound). But since she was 5, she does not know how it was spelled.


I would like to have the street name, so I can determine their parish and can then hopefully find birth/death records for my uncle. I learned that those records were kept by parish.


Any ideas on how that street name would appear in French? I realize that she could be remembering the sounds slightly off as well, so there may be variations of this I am not thinking of.


If you live in Montreal, please chime in too!

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Well, that could be

De Loo...

Da Loo...



There could have been a consonant at the end of the OO sound since it wouldn't have been pronounced, so -oob, -ooc, -ood, and so on.

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Lieux means "place", I think. so that could be part of it but it's not exactly  "Loo."


I could see where it could have totally sounded like Loo to a child who might have missed the soft y.


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It's a tiny little street near the bottom right corner of the grid square.

It is still there, now called Rue Dalou; look it up on Google maps and you can get a lovely street view of multi family red brick homes. I bet they are the same ones that your mom lived in--she should take a look.

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Does your mother remember attending a church? Anything about how near/far from home it might have been?

My grandmother was a nurse. Mom recalls she worked with nuns. There was a doctor Cowan or Cowon or Cawan. Not sure on churches. They did attend a First Congregational when they moved to CT. So it is likely they attended something similar in Montreal. Would've been English speaking. I am going to email my aunt and uncle. Perhaps they have some memories.

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There are some Montreal records on ancestry.com; I have a membership if you want to PM me the information you have, I will be happy to run a search.


It looks like Quebec also has a civil registry with copies of church records.

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