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I'd like to accelerate Teaching Textbooks next year...

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Geometry lessons and the problem set can take an hour or more each, I am assuming alg 2 is at least that much. Can your daughter handle 2 - 3 hours of math per day? My son would flip out.


She has completed most of her school work so I was planning on having her do this and Science along with some literature to finish out. 

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Yes, I have accelerated math in this manner. :) I actually have done this with Saxon and with Teaching Textbooks. 

Generally, we go to six days a week for Math and school year round.


I am currently accelerating my 8th grader/rising 9th grader to get him into a stronger high school position.



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We would lose our collective minds if we tried this, but I know there are many kids who double up on geometry and algebra 2. It's usually done earlier in high school, though. One concern here would be that a rising senior who hasn't had geometry yet probably doesn't love or excel at math, which would make doubling up all the harder. 


Why does she want to graduate early? Is she college bound? If she's going to college and aiming for merit aid or selective admissions, I'd think twice about graduating early. Her transcript and test scores will benefit from another year, and she won't get points for being younger.



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Instead of accelerating the courses, doing them concurrently would probably be better. That way there is not such a rush to get through it and more time to truly learn the material. With that being said, I would really consider whether it was a good idea for her to graduate early and why you are considering it. Another option could be dual enrollment instead so that she can still be considered a freshmen the following year. 

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