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So proud of ds4

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This is one of my more challenging kiddos--ADHD, anxiety, social and speech delays, possible ASD or close to it. The one who isn't even close to potty trained at 4.5.


So I'm delighted to have a chance to brag about him.


He had a dental checkup last week and they did x-rays and found a total of 8 cavities. They wanted to sedate him and do them all at once but my mama's instinct was telling me not to go that route (we've done sedation before, weak tooth enamel runs in the family so this isn't a new scenario; it really just didn't feel right this time). The dentist agreed to try a couple of cavities and see how it went so I took him in yesterday. We skipped the nitrous oxide because my older kids have not responded well to it.


Ds4 was a champ--no anxiety, perfectly co-operative through the whole thing, happy to jump up and go get his prize when finished. Totally impressed the dentist and assistant.


Only 6 more teeth to go...

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Wow!!!!!!!   Great call, Maize.  That is impressive!  I'm so proud of him, too.  I have tears of joy in my eyes.  I know he has been challenging to parent.  I'm amazed.  And kuddos to you momma for going with your gut.


:hurray:   :hurray:  :hurray:  :hurray:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :hurray:  :hurray:  :hurray:  :hurray:

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