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Skipping first few chapters Jacob's algebra

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I've been looking through the Jacob's algebra book and I feel like DS is solid on at least through chapter 8. I'm considering giving him the tests through Dr Callahan's book and skipping the chapters if he gets 100â„…. On the other hand, DH says the review is how the material sticks. Any thoughts on this? Math is not ds's favorite subject, but we have done a lot of prealgebra so far - about 2 years. He'll be 8th grade, so there is no rush really.

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Not skipping ahead also gives the benefit of "getting to know" Harold Jacobs and become familiar with his methods and teaching style. Review of concepts is a helpful thing, but reviewing material presented in a different way can awaken the mind to greater understanding and may well expose some gaps that neither of you realized were there.

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