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  1. I did. But, it wasn't intentional. I enrolled dd8 in second grade in January. The idea was to stick out the second semester and then re-evaluate for third. I'm going to the school to withdraw tomorrow. Didn't even get the report card because she was out that day. I waited to make sure and to let her finish her library books. It was a plethora of reasons. But, I don't know if I'd enroll for one term on purpose. By the time she gets settled in and they work out the kinks you'll be done.
  2. I'm hoping she will not keep this up! But, yes, it has been in fits. When she was 4 she used to take Singapore math workbooks with her to bed to work on. She hasn't done that in a while. Last night she took Jacob's algebra lol! I think I'm going to go broke buying resources. It usually works best if I leave them out to be found.
  3. Yes! I am nervous about getting started. She was already working above level...but this is new to me. The college comment was just so shocking lol! My oldest is 13 and he has barely thought about college, how did that even come up?? I have no plans to go down that road any time soon.
  4. I haven't looked at the Keys to Algebra, but I do have AoPS PA on hand. I'm also hoping to convince her to finish Beast Academy. What gets me the most is she pretty much does whatever she wants and disregards my plans or purchases. I'm seriously just thinking about unschooling even though it makes me nervous!
  5. This is what I'm hoping will happen - the "ebb and flow" that is. I forgot about Dragonbox. Need to check that out!
  6. Some background: My dd8 just came home from a brief stint in public school in second grade. She was having so many meltdowns we decided to try it for the structure. I homeschool 4 kids and at least 2 are 2e so it gets messy at home. It seemed to work for a bit, but I couldn't get them to subject accelerate in math and we started having morning meltdowns. I think the last straw was not getting into the gifted program. She decided this week that she wanted to withdraw from school and homeschool again. I have to agree - her reasons are solid. Also this week she decided she wants to go to college early and that she would learn Algebra. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. It's like she suddenly had a huge mental leap. She has been working on the Jacob's text I already have (watching the videos, taking notes and typing up the practice problems) she has also been typing poems. Maybe this won't keep up, or maybe it will. I'm not sure how to handle this. Part of me feels like 2nd grade is way to early to worry about algebra and part of me is like why not? She also is wanting to study Biology. She asked me what she'll do next when she is done with it. I have no idea!
  7. I know! It's too bad because we loved ASPC. I'm going to check out the Potter's School. I didn't know they offered it.
  8. No, he's taking ASPC with Wilson Hill currently. I love the teacher and he is learning so much! But, I guess I'm wondering if it's really worth it? We could do another Chemistry class for a lot less.
  9. I'm set to sign DS up for this class at Wilson Hill. It will be his only outsourced class (I think). However, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to do it on our own? By the time I purchase the book and supplies and sign up for the class, that's pretty expensive. Has anyone used this text without a class? Is the class really worth it? DS is currently in ASPC and is doing well and has learned so much. I can't seem to find another school that offers the same class.
  10. Honestly, I am not impressed with CC. There send to be a decent following in my area. I didn't find challenge A to be very challenging. I also find the whole program too rigid and unmotivating, as well as overpriced and time consuming. There is really nothing I feel like we miss out on.
  11. So, I'm leaning towards just winging it and not having an official grade level until I have to. It goes against my nature to be so loose with it, and the thought of adjusting grade level later is giving me a slight panicky feeling. But, for this child, it may be best! That way, we can pick activities based on ability not "grade." I have to quit trying to plan so fast ahead :)
  12. So, another thing I have pondered - what about when he is a senior and is 18 almost the entire year? I know it sounds paranoid, but an 18 year old male can get in a lot of trouble as an "adult" dating or even commenting the wrong way to minors AKA classmates. I am about to register my oldest for high school next year so I am probably WAY overhinking everything right now!
  13. No, scouts is primarily by grade until they cross to boy scouts, then they have to be 11 or 6th grade or 10.5 and completed cub scouts. Well, the kindergartener requirements say 5 by Sept 1 and in kindergarten, but they will have to be flexible on that due to the states that have a later cut-off.
  14. I think part of what is getting me is that if we were in another state he would qualify for K by cutoff or early testing, it's just that my state will not budge on that.
  15. Not a bad idea if I can get away with it here! It's a pretty small area where everyone knows almost everyone. But, I need to start advocating for them more. I usually downplay what they can do.
  16. I'm just going to have to go for it. I teach the 3 yr old room right now and last time I tried to put him with the PreK, the teacher of that room said "would you rather go with me or your mom?" Well, if you're going to put it that way! It's frustrating because so many people bump their kids up to the 3's room from the 2's, that it gets even younger in there. Sigh. I don't really want to be THAT mom.
  17. I'm trying to decide whether my youngest should be considered PreK or Kindergarten this coming fall. But, I keep second guessing myself! He'll be 5 October 16. In Georgia, cutoff is Sept 1 for Kindergarten and first. No mention of cutoffs above that. We homeschool, so grade level only matters for church and scouts and if he goes to public school one day. Scouts starts in Kindergarten. We've been members since my oldest was 6, and I am trying to decide if ds4 can start this year. DS is my 4th child and the most mature Preschooler I have ever had. He's definitely gifted, but untested. He's the only one I have that isn't 2e. Academically he isn't as advanced as some on this board, but I'm waiting for him to take off. (Dh has a pretty high IQ, and he's just like his dad). He reads and does math on about a first grade level and can play games on the computer by himself. He loves logic games. His best friend is 6. At church he is in the PK3 room. He's the oldest and doesn't associate with the younger kids, but will play with older kids at scouts Thoughts? I usually am in the "call them grade by age" camp. I'm really stressing this more than I should!
  18. My youngest will be 5 in October. The jury is still out on whether he'll be K or PreK. But, so far we're planning: Sonlight A - social studies/lit Science - ? Looking at Easy Peasy L Or Sonlight science A Math: Singapore 1, MEP LA: Good and Beautiful 1, Sonlight readers 1, ETC 2,3 Dance Music - he wants to learn piano, but don't think he's ready
  19. I'm really excited about the online version! I needed something for DD8 to do after school as a supplement and she doesn't like to do more workbooks, but she's all about being on the computer for hours. But, I only have the level 3 books, so it's totally doable for us.
  20. I think we're going to go for it next year! I'm feeling SO overwhelmed with all the things we need to do: tutor/private lessons for trumpet to get ready for band audition (he didn't start playing trumpet until 7th grade), prepping for Algebra and maybe Physics test if they will let us get credit, maybe a psychological eval and then band camp 4 weeks this summer. And, choosing classes! I think the hardest part is giving up our flexibility. But, I'll still have a 10 yr old and 4yr old at home, and a 8 yr old who already attends public school.
  21. I can see his pros: Band Classmates Live classes Swim team More free time -for me! Cons: He has ADHD We might need IEP Inflexibility Less overall choices Less advancement Less sleep - so important around here! But also, I feel like he has a better chance of getting into a good college as a homeschooler? That way he can be different, not just another public schooler with the same basic transcript. It's not going to be a big deal if it doesn't work out, right? Maybe I'm over thinking it. He's my first highschooler.
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