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Not doing concessions, still selling food :D It has begun.


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I started this week officially on Tuesday, advertised on Wednesday, and I have baked, sold & delivered:


24 biscuit sandwiches (only because a friend asked -- normally, I would never do 2 different breakfasts in one day).

16 dozen cinnamon rolls.


Next week, I have on-order:

180 Chick-fil-A style Chicken Biscuits (one delivery each to the 3 bases).


The following week, I already have on order (I have an unusual two weeks, because there are going to be 300 people sequestered on the base with dinner options of pizza and subway, and virtually no breakfast option -- normally, I wouldn't take on this much in a week):


24 dozen cinnamon rolls

100 Breakfast Burritos

100 Chick-fil-A style Chicken Biscuits

150 servings of pulled pork

100 servings of Teriyaki Chicken with spring rolls, glazed veggies and steamed rice


The first two weeks are going to help offset costs for a Bus Trip for some of the swim families (it's not an official Team bus, or I would have been able to do one Burrito Sale in 5 hours and get the thing done...but that couldn't happen this time).  Starting with the 3rd Biscuit order next week, the profits stay with the family to help us cover some summer expenses.


2 Swim Camps for the two oldest kids, Summer Seminar for the oldest (if he gets in).

Summer League for the kids.

Some sight-seeing on our 2 week college (and family vacation).


Hopefully, it will be this easy to re-build when we return in August!  Our goal this fall is $500 a week (net), which will mean 1 or 2 breakfasts and 1 or 2 lunches or dinners.  I'll probably offer Cinnamon Rolls just once or twice a month.

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You are amazing! I am a slug! 


I hope the team or some of the parents help you in some way (donating $ for the food or food, and help you in selling). Your children are blessed. 


I have had two parents set up large orders at two bases.  And, another is coming today to help me bake (which is going to be weird for me...ha!), and several others have purchased and made referrals.  We'll do nearly $1,000 in 2 weeks, which isn't bad.

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Yes, I'm make a lot more food when I'm getting paid for it.  My kids are surviving on leftovers and "ugly" cinnamon rolls (we also have baked apple cinnamon oatmeal, about 2 dozen biscuits, and a bunch of pre-made bacon & sausage to eat up ;)


I made 8 dozen cinnamon rolls this afternoon.  I thought I was done.  Then I realized I have a delivery on Saturday.  Those can wait.  Just going to make 2 dozen and call it good!



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