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Increasing 7th grader's decoding skills?

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I taught my daughter to read using 100 EZ Lessons, then she went to public school for 1st and 2nd grade. When she came home I chose to use reason for spelling, because we were doing it with another family. (I would have chosen SWR) She was an adequate speller so I was fine with it. She reads independently a lot, although her choice is lower level books like babysitters club.  She struggles through an occasional harder book that is assigned in Sonlight.


Last couple years I thought it was just a vocabulary issue, since language was a little slow in coming to her. So she has been doing 2 vocab books for the last couple of years.  Then today, just for fun a gave her a quick reading test I saw here.  As I listened to her read the words I noticed her errors were decoding issues. Sloppy sounding out, not changing to a soft c or g , or not putting the syllable or accent in the right place. Then it dawned on me, she has never really had any phonics instruction, beyond what they may have had in 2nd grade( which I doubt was much).  So, she heads to public high school in a year and a half and I want her to not be handicapped by lack of phonics to read at a higher grade level. (the test put her about 9th grade)


Anything you would suggest to help with sounding out big words??


I prefer something short and sweet, but that we can move through fairly quickly since she is already a good speller and reader. Independent would be a bonus, but really not expecting that.  Maybe she needs to work on syllables? or Spelling rules? or advanced phonograms? Just more practice?


I used megawords 4 for my oldest and i probably would have looked at that more heavily but it has long books and many levels, wouldn't be able to cover in 1 1/2 yrs. Found something quick online but its basic premise was cut the word at each vowel and use the short sound if that doesn't work try the long sound. Didn't seem helpful enough.    I am using LOE foundations for my youngest and so was considering Essentials for her, skipping everything but the phonics. But that focuses on spelling rather than reading. does that matter?  it is expensive, but i might use it for the youngest, thus making it worth it.....




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