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  1. Would the Writing With Skill program by Susan Wise Bauer be appropriate for a high school student who needs some writing intervention? I posted recently about needing to find a gentler program to use for my DD, who will be in 11th grade next year. We were trying to do IEW's Writing Research Papers this year, but it is obvious that is is way over her head and we need to step back a bit. I want her to learn the high school level things like research papers, but she could probably also use help with other writing too. Does anyone know if the Writing with Skill program includes a research paper?
  2. I did! Well, sort of. It hasn't turned out exactly as we planned, but similarly. Last school year, in 9th grade, DD spent two days on each algebra I lesson. We did odd numbers one day, and even the next. At the beginning of this school year, she asked me if she could just start with Algebra II instead since the beginning of it reviews so much of the end of Algebra I. I looked over both books and agreed. So we are now about midway through Algebra II, as this school year is ending. We still follow the odd/even pattern. We will finish it next year in her 11th grade year, as well as start the beginning lessons of Advanced Math.
  3. I'm using "Grammar for the Well-Trained Child" by SWB with DD this year. I highly recommend it, very thorough!
  4. Can any of you recommend a resource that would be gentler? Or for a younger child that I could adapt to high school?
  5. I need advice for my youngest daughter. A little background- she was adopted from foster care at almost 9 years old. I have homeschooled her since then, starting in 3rd grade. She came very far behind in many subjects. I had to re-teach alot of materials and while she has caught up well in math and reading ability, but still struggles with vocabulary and expression. We have used a few programs such as "English from the Roots Up" and different materials from IEW over the years to aid with these. She is now in 10th grade and we are attempting to cover research papers. She is really struggling, and I can tell shes trying to get it, but she doesn't. I think its her vocabulary problems that make it hard for her. When she needs to find and use a source, she often can't understand what they're trying to say because of the big words that she doesn't understand in there. Any advice? I sit with her and give lots of guidance, but she seems to have reached a point where she cannot do it. What would they do in a public school setting with a child like her? Should I have her tested? Try a different curriculum? Wait until maybe 12th grade and try again?
  6. If your kid loves the Great Books, then I would say to definitely let him do that! Both of my two that have graduated worked their way through the great books, and it really helped with their test scores, comprehension and it paid off well for college!
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks again for the advice in October. I wanted to provide an update. DD has applied to be an intern at a children's home in Mexico (closer to home) and has been accepted! It will be from the end of May this year to end of November. This will be a great way for her to see how full-time mission work might be for her future. She also plans to use the time to think about if she will continue college, and if so- in what field. She is so excited to be doing the internship, and I am excited for her too!
  8. FWIW, I've never once had to balance chemical equations after I graduated high school 🙂
  9. Heres my plan for DD's 11th grade next year: Math Finish Saxon Alg II and start Advanced Math English IEW Research Papers Excellence in Literature American History Science Apologia Physics with Lab History The mystery of History IV WTM Reading recommendations Electives Beginning Drawing (at the community college) Sign Language 1 (at the community college)
  10. I'm using MOH Modern Times with my 10th grader. We couple it with lots of historical literature and I think its working great for her!
  11. The LeapFrog company has a DVD called "The Letter Factory" that is one of the best things to teach recognition of letters and sounds! Ive used it with my own children, as well as several of my young foster kids.
  12. DD, 15, is doing Apologia Biology this year. I'm trying to decide what science to use next year. With my older two, I did Chemistry after Biology. I'm thinking of skipping Chemistry and going into Physics with DD though. She does well with math and I think would enjoy physics more. Would this be a bad idea?. Older DD says that her sister has to do chemistry since she did, LOL.
  13. Thank you all for the great advice! I'm leaning on the same side as you all, but DD is praying about which direction she should go.
  14. My oldest daughter has said for years that she wants to be a missionary in the country of Tanzania after school. She's graduated from homeschooling now and trying to figure out the steps to make that work. She originally thought that she might be a teacher for impoverished children there. However, she is not finding that teaching is not her calling after taking a intro to education class in college. Shes trying to figure out exactly how she can be used best in Tanzania, desiring to work with children the most. She is considering working in an orphanage. She now feels that the college route may not be best for her, as she said it just doesn't feel right. Anyone else graduated a child, who then went to serve overseas? Any advice you can give?
  15. My 10th grader does school from 8:00 to 3:00, so 7 hours, but maybe more like 6.5 because of lunch.
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