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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! It seems like there are several great programs to chose from. We need a program that we could count for a high school elective. Which ones would work best for that?
  2. I need recommendations for a programming curriculum? Does anyone have experience with Khan Academy's programming lessons? Likes or dislikes? Or is there something else you would recommend for a kid who *LOVES* video games? I would like it to be something he can do easily on his own.
  3. She has been evaluated by speech therapist a few times. She suffered from recurrent ear infections when she was younger and was delayed in her speech because of it. However she received ear tubes in 2018 and has improved greatly since then. I might look into having her reevaluated though now. Also, some of you mentioned the fact that she has been in foster care and that it could be related to that. We certainly agree with that. Although she has been with us for many years, we still see some trauma related behaviors in her. Also, it is suspected that she suffers from Fetal alcohol syndrome whic
  4. Thanks for all the advice. You guys are a treasure trove of information! I'm going to try some of the free tests you recommended during Christmas break. Then possibly discuss more with her teacher and principal. I never considered that she could be lacking in phonemic awareness, especially since she learned the letters and their sounds so early. But now you've definitely got me wondering.
  5. Thanks so much for all the replies and input! I agree with some posters, who said it looks like she started with A and went to Z, just in the wrong direction. So hopefully it is just a form of mirror writing, which is not a huge cause for concern at her age. I have worked with her in phonics for the last 2 years. We did a preschool/kindergarten combo last year at home, and now do some after schooling with her on the weekends. Although she knows her letter sounds, she can't blend those skills to make words. Maybe she just needs more time? I'm going to ask her teacher and principal if they
  6. I have a 6 year old, currently in K at a private school. She is my FD, and has been with us for several years. We are working to get guardianship, and i May homeschool her next year. i did some preschool at home with her last year. She is very intelligent, learned her letters and sounds at 3 and has a great memory. However, she has never caught on with the phonics or reading. She has learned some site words and has memorized some small words, but cannot sound anything out. So far, we just chalked it up to her being young, and haven’t been too concerned. But today she used some flash cards
  7. We have used Saxon Math, which incorporates geometry into Alg I, Alg II and Advanced math. I think its the best approach! So I vote for C
  8. My DS fell apart after doing MUS Geometry and then trying to go to Alg II. He did MUS Algebra 1 before the geometry. For him, I think he is just not natural at math and MUS was so lite, so he forgot everything from Alg I (especially since there was a year off algebra) and then couldn't keep up at all with Alg II. We tried switching programs, but to no avail. The first semester of 11th grade was a math fail. So the next semester, I ended up putting him into some some algebra classes at the community college to catch him up. They were 2 classes- beginning and intermediate Algebra- tha move
  9. Is there a place online that sells Conceptual Physics answer keys? I started it a while ago with DD and we are both very happy with it! We are using the 9th edition. I found a site online that has answers, but it doesn't cover all the answers, just kinda skips around. So I need a physical full answer key, but does such a thing exist? I cannot find anything online.
  10. I haven't tried Thinkwell, videotext or Derek Owens. And don't know a huge amount about Khan Academy. But definitely would say that MUS is considered easy and often "too light" by many high school parents. I tried TT Geometry with DS years ago, we found it more difficulty that MUS. But also we did not like the format of it at all.
  11. I just switched my daughter to Essentials in Writing and we are both very pleased with it so far. We have used IEW prior for years, and this is a much simpler approach. We are just finishing up section 2 (types of paragraphs) of the book and it takes about 30 minutes a day.
  12. I'm also considering switching my daughter to Conceptual Physics. We are currently doing Apologia Physics and she is really struggling with the math components. What are the must-have's for conceptual physics? Is there a teacher book, study book, lab book, etc? Also, does anyone know what the differences are in the earlier edition compared to the newest edition? I see that you can get the older editions online for cheaper. TIA!
  13. Have any of you used Mystery of History for high school? If so, was there anything you added to make it more high school level? We do the lessons by reading and taking notes, notecards, timeline, maps, tests, etc. We do the activities occasionally; sometimes they just don't seem to match my goals for her, so we skip them. She is very visual, so we often find a youtube video to go along with the lesson or watch a movie if there's one about the time. However, I feel like we need to add more to it. Any suggestions?
  14. Has anyone ever used Excellence in Literature along with IEW’s Research Papers in the same year? Would it be too much? I’m considering both for DD. Looking over them now, I’m starting to second guess myself that both could be too much or too repetitive? Would usung Excellence in Lit alone be enough for a high school English credit?
  15. Would the Writing With Skill program by Susan Wise Bauer be appropriate for a high school student who needs some writing intervention? I posted recently about needing to find a gentler program to use for my DD, who will be in 11th grade next year. We were trying to do IEW's Writing Research Papers this year, but it is obvious that is is way over her head and we need to step back a bit. I want her to learn the high school level things like research papers, but she could probably also use help with other writing too. Does anyone know if the Writing with Skill program includes a research pape
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