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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Catch up on theology studies which have been severely neglected this week.

Get bagels

laundry (never got to it yesterday)

At some point take a shower

Take 17 yo to piano lessons/run errands (at 1:30)

17 yo and I are going to an exhibit called Will and Jane about the influence of Shakespeare and Austen in our culture.  He would not ordinarily agree to go to such a thing, but in his honors English class at the community college he'll get extra credit if he goes to at least 5 cultural events.  I think five is a steep number!  But anyway, since this exhibit is near us, we are going for a couple of hours today.

Tonight - take out for dinner.  After last night's big birthday/anniversary bash, I am all cooked out!

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I still have a backache.  Not sure what this is, but if it doesn't resolve soon I'm going back to the chiropractor on Monday.

  • Get kids up & ready without killing anyone.
  • Kids to volleyball.
  • Kids catch up on math monkey homework.
  • Kids to math class.
  • Kids to museum for cooking / geography / science lessons.
  • Lunch out?
  • Shopping for kid's birthday phone?  Today or tomorrow.
  • Kids read & straighten room & have free time.
  • Laundry & some housework.
  • Mom works.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Good morning! I have already driven ds2 to bus stop for his long day of judo/D&D. Dh and Ds3 are off to the tennis tournament. This should be the last one, because meets start next week. I will take dd2 to practice in about 20 minutes.


To do:

drop off dd2

get some breakfast and stalk meet mobile/streaming for dd1's meet

pick up dd2


general pick up


jen things

pick up ds2 around 4:30

Relax, maybe watch a movie tonight


Have a great day!


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I going to a dancing workshop. I have taken lessons for awhile, but have never went to a workshop. It is only 2.5 hours long. I'm also going to a dance tonight.


I do have to do some house tiding today. Tomorrow we go to my parents since it is a holiday weekend in this part of Canada (thanksgiving) and I dislike coming home to a messy house after being away for a sleepover. It seems like my kids and Dh like to bring everything and the kitchen sink when we go away over night. It then all gets dumped in the living room and kitchen. So if those rooms aren't clean before they get dumped on then it takes me even longer to dig out of the mess.

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Farmers' market

pick up Dd from my mom's

tidy the house

help Ds make a pumpkin pie

enjoyed the sunny, breezy, cool morning!  :D  


To do:

enjoy the sunshine!!  :D

quick run to the store for dish soap and a few other random items

figure out clothes for tonight

double check kids' chores

take dog to the park (get Dh to do this, if at all possible!) 

make salad for tonight

pick up the babysitter

Go to a party with Dh!  :hurray:

take the sitter home

read to unwind


dinner - take and bake pizza for kids, BBQ for us.







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So not nearly as relaxing as hoped for today. Helped dd2 with homework all afternoon until I got a call from ds2 that his bike was stolen from the park and ride. So mad, I watched him lock it up. Yeah, so that would be another reason that we moved from that place. So ds2 walked to police station and filed a report and missed D&D which is one of his favorite things and only meets once a month.

Dh and ds3 arrived home very tired and everyone is exhausted and irritable. 


I just hate when things like this happen, it makes me so frustrated and angry with the world. One should be able to lock up a bike at a bus station with a good lock and it should be there when you return in the afternoon. If I was a witch, I would place a curse on the thief. 


Sigh, just an impotent frustrated mom.

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