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Who's going to tackle Tuesday

Jean in Newcastle

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Yesterday was dreadfully hot and today will be as well.  About 10 times/ day I thank God our A/C is fixed!


And they finally put in our new sinks and hooked up the water and . . . the cold comes out of the hot tap and the hot comes out of the cold tap!  Uh, fellas???


The two boys in Poland seem to be having a great time thus far.



Get a shower in before workmen arrive.

Go to 9:15 Mass

pick up coffee and pet food on the way home.

Leave for Latin appt @ 12:15.  

Home again - put kitchen back (still haven't wiped down the insides of the cupboards like I want to -so I've still got most stuff strewn around the DR.

Take houseguest to metro and watch her little son

Take 15 yo to rehearsal with baby in tow

I think it will be chick fil a for dinner

Watch the little guy

Must remember to watch WYD stuff on EWTN

21 will p/u 15 yo





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Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Post Office

Dog park?

YNAB/ pay bills


Work on school planning. More history! Booklists are done, now on to reading assignments, then writing assignments, then projects.

My mom is taking Ds out to lunch and to a movie. She is a wonderful mom and grammy!


Make Dd's bed.

Clean one bathroom.

Pick up CSA box.


Dinner - leftovers and some veggies from the box.




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My 3 year old had quite a meltdown yesterday afternoon that halted all progress on the closet so that is top of the list today.


- finish closet with kids

- clean my room

- wash dishes

- trip to mall for a few specific things

- pet sit

- kung fu for kids?

- vacuum downstairs again!!( We have a friend's dog over and he sheds four times as much as our dogs so I feel like I constantly walking in a cloud of fur)

- review budget and tweak it a bit

- read for an hour

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Good morning

- laundry- done

- fold laundry- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- dishes- in dishwasher

- dinner- done

- work

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- found a decent free calendar app for my iPhone that syncs with google calendar (my school uses google for everything), talked to my mom, girls lunch, nap with dd2, swept/mopped kitchen and hall floors.

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Good morning! Dd2 and I got back late last night. Crazy already this morning.

I am at a tennis tournament now and may be here all morning.

To do:

Pick up dd2 at some point after 11


Pick up house

Check bills

Clean bathrooms



Have a great day!


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Well, if it's any indication, it took me until past 5pm to find the Tackle thread!


I slept in because of having almost no sleep the day before.


So far I've had 2 cups of coffee and a snacky "meal replacement."


Fed the critters.


Checked all my messages.


Hung around here too long.


I have a lot of work to do and need to get on it.

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