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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good day...
- tidy house- round 1 done
- dishes- in dishwasher
- laundry- in washer and dryer
- school work- A&P study guide and journal are done, statistics response done, started A&P lab (will repeat before I take the quiz, I figured I've done enough A&P for today, besides after this chapter all I have left is to study for the lab final and the lecture final). 
- dinner- done
- baths
- bedtime routine
- anything else I get done- took trash to outside can

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The girls had a good week last week and therefore are enjoying "Sunday Fun Day" without punitive restrictions.  ;)  It is a beautiful day outside too.


Today is a work deadline, so I hope I get everything done.  :)


Today's list:

  • Sunday school.  [done]
  • Church.  [done]
  • Lunch.  [done]
  • Kids rode their scooters down to a soccer friend's house on the next block.  They found the house during Trick-or-Treat.  We didn't have their phone # so they didn't know if she was even home, but now we have the # for the future.  Nice to have a second friend in the neighborhood.  I told the kids they can play out until it starts getting dark.  I hope they don't bother the parents too much.  :)
  • Work.
  • A little reading.
  • A little exercise.
  • Dinner.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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I have been so negligent in housekeeping matters for months now.  It's awful.  I was just going to get on here and start a declutter and deep clean for the holidays thread, but that might be too ambitious for me anyway.  Then I saw this tackle post.  We have been so, so awful. Lazy, slovenly slugs!


But this a.m. I got up and cleaned a kitchen that hadn't really been cleaned in a few days (except I still have a stack of pots and pans).  I did scrub the disgusting sink though!  I went through a Mount Everest of Junk mail and I cleaned all the rotting fruit out of the fruit bowl!  Woot!  


We got to Church looking reasonably non-freakish (except for 16 yo who refuses to cut his hair - his very thick and curly hair.  He looks like a mad scientist.)  


Dh is now watching football, drinking a beer and sorting through the stack of mail that needs to be attended to (the real mail that I sifted out from my junk mail attack earlier).  


I am about to take 16 yo to get him new sneakers and new jacket since we can't find his old one.  And he also needs some pants other than blue jeans and running pants.  

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The girls came home when they were supposed to.  Score one for independence!  :)  They had a great time.  Now they are watching the blabberbox.


I am trying to work, but Quickbooks keeps bombing on me.  Ugh.  I think I figured out why.  All my Excel files that I copied from my backup drive are apparently "read only."  And trying to save to "read only" files apparently freaks Quickbooks out.  Hopefully this is just an annoyance and minor time sucker.

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Good Evening...


We cleaned up all the leaves in the yard, put out a new bird feeder and I planted some winter pansies and spruced up the porch for the coming winter.


Cooked a yummy dinner and relaxing now.


Tomorrow is going to busy...I applied for a job...fingers and toes crossed I get it.


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