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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Get up a little early to work, since I went to bed early last night.  [done]

Kids up & ready.  They asked me to curl their hair, so I did (while they did worksheets for me).  Then fed & off to school.  [done]

Clean bathrooms & kitchen & some clutter.  [done]

Work.  [done for now]

A little exercise.  [done]

A little reading.  [done]

Those overdue greeting cards already.


Pick kids up from aftercare (they have a thing after school so no bus ride).

Family TKD?  Or yoga at home?


Kids' work.

Kids to bed.

Assemble donation for tomorrow's pickup.


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Good morning! Generally a regular day. But dd1 signs today! Cupcakes at practice with the whole team present. It should be really fun.


To do:

School for all


Pick up and keep house clean

Work out driving for weekend

Pick up cupcakes, etc


PM practice

Judo run


Have a great day!


Have a great

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Good morning
- school work- posted responses for all 3 classes, finished A&P study guide and the journal, did 1 of 5 statistics assignments
- tidy house- round 1 done
- laundry- load in washer and dryer
- get dd1 off bus- done
- help her with any school work- working on spelling words
- parent/teacher conference- done dd1 is doing well considering everything that happened last year (had a different teacher the last 6 weeks last year, the other left for a different school and from what I understand 5/7 of the kids are below grade reading level)
- dinner- not really sure what we are doing but I have meat thawed anyways- had fast food again (I'm so sick of McDonald's)
- baths- not needed
- bedtime routine- one down one to go
- anything else I get done- took dh to get the oil changed in his truck

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