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Nearly set up for community college!


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As I've related before, my oldest chose to go to the local community college versus some of the other options.  They have an outstanding honors program and transfer agreements, and he prefers to study locally. If he sticks with the major and college he plans to transfer to, it is one of the top 25 in the country in that major. So a win-win, I hope.


Plans are underway for graduation with a local group.  I ordered the diploma and announcements Saturday.


Last week we got him switched from dual enrollment to a regular full-time student in the fall at the community college.


I finished the final steps in the financial aid process last night.  We should hear if he receives one of the merit scholarships on or before May 1st.


Today we met with the counsellor (a homeschool dad BTW), and got him registered. 


All I have to do is bring his diploma and final transcript in June, which is easy because I have a summer teaching contract and will be on campus anyway.


And of course books, which we'll start working on in July or so.



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I am with you, excited that my senior is actually taking the steps she needs to enroll for this fall in our local CC. It's a good school that has quite a few transfer agreements with state schools. And this is my kid who didn't even want to THINK about college at beginning of senior year, so CC is a big step forward for her, especially as she didn't jump through the hoops for A-G classes and so isn't on track for going direct to a state 4-year school anyway.


For her, after her struggles with school, CC is a great first step. And we're stoked that she tested into English 1, altho' she'll have to do remedial math (she went thru geometry in high school but that was 2 years ago).

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Congratulations!!! It is such a good feeling when all those pieces are set. The relief is enormous, I think especially so when it involves a local, known, student-friendly option like one,s community college. And completing the homeschooling project safely is such a big deal!



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Congratulations!!  Exciting to have the plan set in motion!  


I didn't know how to feel when our dd's diploma, cap & gown came in the mail a few weeks ago.....happy & sad & relieved all at the same time.  


A sense of dread can come along with the gown ... of ironing.  :leaving:


Dd absolutely loved her community college experience.  Congratulations to all!

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