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  1. I passed the Chemistry Clep! Woot!

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    2. SparklyUnicorn
    3. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      That takes smarts! You go!!

    4. Jen in NY

      Jen in NY

      Aw, thanks! I knew you guys would understand. :)


  2. Now to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.....

    1. lisabees


      Jen - it can be a long and difficult journey! Be kind to yourself. I still haven't figure it out, but I might be on my way...


    2. lisabees


      Oops. Typo - figured...

    3. Kathy in Richmond

      Kathy in Richmond

      Right there with you!


  3. Bluegoat, if you can point to specific instances where Neil de Grasse has claimed that science can prove or disprove metaphysical propositions, I would love to read them. Thanks in advance... Jen
  4. Congrats!! What an awesome opportunity! :party:
  5. 2 down, 2 to go. That's my son and *me* left. I really have to get it together and figure out what the heck I am going to do with my life! Right now I am hitting math hard so I can catch up with him and we can get through some Calc levels, Diff Eq, and Lin Alg together. Lucky for me, he's really into math. I have three years to be ready to hit the ground running in a math teacher cert master's degree...so I need to beg, borrow, and steal 30 math and science credits along the way with him. Hoping to be able to CLEP some of them because I need this to be as close to FREE as possible. Very seriou
  6. Aw, I wish I had found this thread earlier! Dd took Stats and AmGov this year, so she's done, done, done with AP Exams, forever! Two finals at the Community College next week, and she's a high school graduate. Sniff, sniff.
  7. Mike Birbiglia? TBH, I can't remember if any of his stuff set off my 'inappropriate radar' (I am a little pollyannaish in my entertainment choices) --- but I love his timing. He has made a few specials, and you can hear him on This American Life, too.
  8. What they said.... but I got the other middle name that goes with Jennifer.
  9. I am fragile today and there's no way I am getting into this conversation. :) But I did want to recommend the book Our Posthuman Future to you, Maize. It is a little outdated at this point, but it addresses many of the questions that I see as related to your original question.... just because a technology is there, does that mean we should feel obligated to use it? Can society make certain technologies mandatory? Where is free will in this discussion? It is also interesting to look at what has happened since the book was written and how technology moves faster than our conversations about it.
  10. I guess a parent needs to decide what music is to be in their kids lives. Something like a game or hobby, or something like a school subject? I have been a music teacher for a long time, and I can see it both ways. But IF you believe that music is as important as, say, math or reading.... then it would just have to become a part of your school day. 20 minutes on the schedule. Personally, since music is my thing..... it has always been on our schedule. It is just part of our day. No questions, no expectations that the world will be changed every day, but practice? yes. They were always
  11. RIT has made a huge effort to form a 'women in engineering' community on their campus. It's very, very friendly. For example, they host a pre-orientation program just for the entering frosh women. RIT was actually a favorite of my dd#2's, but the finances didn't work out as we had hoped. We kinda thought it might end up that way right from the start, and sure 'nuff ..... it did. It's OK, but I was sad not to have RIT among her final choices since she has loved it and felt so comfortable there for so long. Any chance you can come back next weekend?? Imagine RIT is so. much. fun!
  12. :iagree: What she said. I really hope your son gets some relief. Hugs to you both.
  13. My BIL and his family just moved to GA... I was jealous to learn of the in-state tuition rates that will be available to them in a year! (Niece is planning to live at home, so that saves money, too.) If the state schools are all as affordable as the UNG rates I saw, I would definitely look around for state schools that offer what your daughter wants to study as potential financial safeties. It is a little bit of a maze.... financial fit.... academic fit... social fit..... We have found really big differences in FA offerings from private colleges. Depending on your income, this could be
  14. Decision mostly made tonight. Can't believe it, but it looks like dd#2 will be following her big sister. Sister will be out of the country for all of next year, and dd#2 is really OK with that fact. :oP
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