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  1. I passed the Chemistry Clep! Woot!

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    2. SparklyUnicorn
    3. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      That takes smarts! You go!!

    4. Jen in NY

      Jen in NY

      Aw, thanks! I knew you guys would understand. :)


  2. Now to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.....

    1. lisabees


      Jen - it can be a long and difficult journey! Be kind to yourself. I still haven't figure it out, but I might be on my way...


    2. lisabees


      Oops. Typo - figured...

    3. Kathy in Richmond

      Kathy in Richmond

      Right there with you!


  3. Can someone comment on ott lights? I have always wanted one but wonder if the cost is justified? It might be what the OP and I are looking for if they work. :)
  4. must gear up for next college search. must gear up for next college search. must gear up for next college search. (If I keep repeating it will it happen automatically?)

    1. Starr


      It can be done, it can be done...

    2. FloridaLisa
  5. You may find what you need here: https://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat-score-use-practices-list.pdf
  6. You can get an idea of how Davidson might work out for you: http://www.davidson.edu/admission-and-financial-aid/tuition-and-fees/net-price-calculator If it's some crazy high number at least you will have that info. And if it's not.... well ... you can weigh your options.
  7. Yeah... it's interesting that some schools will not accept AP scores as a substitute for SATII scores.
  8. Leslie, have you looked into whether or not the schools in which your son is interested require SAT II's? Many don't....
  9. About ED and finances.... yes. Definitely. :) It *is* nervewracking to apply and accept an offer from somewhere without knowing what your financial situation might be at other schools. With the Ivies ... (and maybe others?) there is no merit aid. It is strictly financial aid.... so what they offer you is the best you will get from that school. (you can use a finaid calculator ahead of time to see approximately what the offer will be.) For us, that turned out to be reasonable. It was a good enough deal, and dd was sufficiently in love with the school (it was her #1) that it made sense. She
  10. Mine just told me she wants to go to Spain for a year. So I guess she's OK with being on her own, lol.
  11. Back to school after a nice fall break with our college freshman. In awe of my kids and all their growing up. I haven't grown up at all. :oP

  12. It is nice to be "back to school." It is just what we all needed around here.

  13. Early Decision "D" day tomorrow. Ack. Ack. Double Ack!!

    1. Halcyon
    2. Belacqua


      Sending big envelope thoughts your way

    3. Kathy in Richmond

      Kathy in Richmond

      Hoping for the best news for your daughter tomorrow!

  14. nothing like a little Dr. Who before we all head back to the grindstone tomorrow morning!

  15. Hi Lindsay,


    Where in NY are you? We're way out west in the Rochester area.



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