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We used them way back when they were just coming out. We tried 2 different professors who had sale prices on, I would have never paid more then what I did for what we received {$5 per class respectively} or I would have been really annoyed. I find the prices now insane considering the majority of the class is just discussing things the student should have read on their own. ;)

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My DD enjoys classes there a good bit. She likes Mrs. Rhodes (Lessons Worth Learning) and Mrs. P (4 Little Penguins). She and DS both like Mr. G. Science Jim is awesome for elementary, and maybe middle school. We did not enjoy classes from Founders Academy. I think that was just the teacher not being a good fit for us. Many of the classes are not super rigorous, but I am okay with that. I feel she's learning on grade level stuff.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Literature Lane Classes. My kids learn so so much and interact so much with Mrs. Redekop and have homework they can do. We have done her Robert Munsch groups of classes, Fractured Fairy tales set, Summer Literature Extravaganza set and her Authors Set. They were all phenomenal!! We are signed up for a bunch of her future classes. I have as much fun as my kids. The classes really inspire my daughters.


The Founders Academy classes are also great. I learn as much as my kids. There isn't as much one on one teacher interaction. She speaks more to the class, but they are really well done. We have done a ton of her single history classes. She is a bit strict but so as to reign in the off topic chat that goes on in some other classes.


I do not recommend 4 Little Penguins classes. I did her Olympics one and Captivating Cats. I found the classes were more of a chat fest. Most of the facts were things I could have found myself on the internet. The videos were Youtube videos and had a ton of lag.

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