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Ack! I need SAT registration help. *update - registered*

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I am so confused!!  When my dd took the PSAT we went to a local high school, signed a form, paid by check, and showed up on the test date.  I just tried to register her online for the SAT. The College Board site says we need a notarized school letterhead and form with photo.  Surely there is an easier way that is not so intrusive.  What is the easiest and best way to sign up? 




Eta:  Thank you all!  She is registered!

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We have not needed anything like this for signing up. You need to upload a picture. Where does it ask for such a form???


I assume you may be looking at the ID requirement? You can do this much easier by bringing passport, driver license, or, if your student has neither, obtaining a non-driver state ID from your local DMV.

You must have an official picture ID for taking the SAT. Thank the cheaters. But I don't recall anything to be needed for simply signing up.

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Yes, a driver's permit SHOULD BE completely acceptable for entrance into the test (unless for some reason it does not have a photo.) At least in our state, a driver's permit is a government-issued photo ID just like a driver's license is.  Both my dc used their driver's permits for ID and had no issues. (And before they had permits we went to the DMV and got them state-issued photo ID's--also completely acceptable.)


I would say that if you're still worried or confused by the College Board's instructions for online registration, just give them a call.  I've called them on a couple of occasions in the past--once a few years ago when they didn't have a Homeschool option on their list of high schools, and once to find out about AP coordinators in our area.  In both cases, they were VERY nice and VERY helpful.

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Those without a license or permit may find it easiest to go ahead and get a state ID (looks like a license, no driving privileges). It took us 30 minutes and $21 each to get them. 


They need ID for more and more stuff, and everyone will accept a state ID.

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