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Yeah!!  So, so glad you both made it through successfully!   Big hugs and rounds of applause for both of you!


Honestly, I was so down right at the beginning of Level 4.  Both kids were struggling, even though they both passed the post test for Level 3.  I was really kind of looking around at other options even though I KNEW going into it that it was a tough level and would probably need a lot of slowing down, reviewing, etc.  I just felt at certain points like I wasn't even sure I had it in me to continue.  But here we are finished with lesson 5, DD just passed another spelling test, and did great, her reading improves more and more every day and her enthusiasm for reading, spelling and writing are so uplifting.  No more tears or panic attacks with any of those things.   She still needs a lot of specific work with writing and she still has difficulty reading textbook type material instead of fiction pleasure reading, but we are at a place now that I really never thought we would reach.


DD and I both want to continue Barton through to the bitter end, now.  Having her on board with this is such a blessing.   I was going to start Lesson 6 today but with cat health issues, DS collapsing during karate (yeah, really scary that) and the washing machine hose getting lacerated by another cat, we decided it just wouldn't be a Barton day.  This evening DD came up and asked if we can take tomorrow to just review and play the Spelling Success game for the first 5 lessons of Level 4.  And she is looking forward to it.  She knows with effort and plenty of review the concepts get really solid and automatic.  She has so much confidence now.  Someday, hopefully, DS will be in that same position.


Best wishes!



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