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Fun summer math for a very small group?

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The mother of a former classmate of my daughter's suggested in passing that we might get the kids together over the summer for some summer math activities. That sounds good to me, but I don't know what would be good for this. Of course I will talk about it with her, but I don't think she has any specific ideas, either, so I wanted to have some to discuss with her. The kids were in second grade this year, and both went to another class for fifth grade math, so they are at right about the same level (we started homeschooling after first quarter). It would be nice if my son (in K, recently started third grade math) could participate somewhat, too, but not necessary.


This is the daughter I mentioned in another post who is good at math but not in love with it. She is accelerated and has done contests, but no prep for the contests, math groups, or self-initiated math. The former classmate seems to be more into math, and I think has done more of those kinds of things. My son is also more into math, and does think about math outside of doing math for school, but has no experience with any outside math opportunities.


Any suggestions or advice? Also, I am pretty sure the other mom would be open to other related (STEM-type) fun but educational small-group activities if you have any ideas that aren't strictly math.

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Thanks! These all look fun! I'll look at them some more, and see what the kids and the other mom think, too.



I think we both feel that we lucked out a bit to find another kid around their level and would like to take advantage of it, but aren't sure how. So if this works out well, I could see it becoming the start of our own small math club - so maybe we'll get around to all of these, and more. :) Thanks!

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Thanks for the additional suggestions. I'm also adding Alien Math from another thread to the list to take to the kids and other mom. We'll definitely be able to find something we'll all be happy about. I'm getting excited about this!

Dmmetler, that's a nice collection!

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