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Is starting a sentence with "How come" grammatically correct?

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I thought it was slang and should not be used in writing.





I would not accept a paper from a student with that phrase in it. And I would teach my dc not to use it in more formal speech.


I also don't allow "What did you do that for?" The question is, "Why did you do that?" Probably not really relevant to this conversation, but I had to throw it in there anyway, lol.

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I am asking because TurboTax where's my refund gave a "How come you can't give me an exact date?" option as one of the common questions.



Most of the common questions I see popping up in TurboTax while I was entering hubby's W2 are frequently posted questions by users. So the questions are not vetted for grammar or spelling. "How come" is kind of informal verbal/texting.

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