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looking for solid science curriculum for grade 8 (please help HIVE)

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I am interested in finding a FREE solid science curriculum that has accountability features built into it.


I have a home schooling friend who has 2 little boys who are very active with LOTS of energy with some learning issues.

She also has a dd who is in 8th grade. My friend does not have the expertise nor the time & energy to do much with her 8th grader. She would LOVE to find a free (no extra money at this time) good solid curriculum in Science that her dd could do independently and would somehow hold her dd accountable for the work she does. My friend would LOVE it if had teacher interaction or somehow graded the work but realizes that that may only happen if she purchases something like Abeka DVD.


I don't know if what I have written makes any sense. I hope so!


Does anyone have any wonderful ideas I could share with my friend? She is feeling pretty discouraged right now and it would be great to be able to say, "Guess what the hive suggested ?"


Any helpful suggestions will be most appreciated! :001_smile:

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The only free science curriculum for middle school years that I know of is "Middle School Chemistry". You will find it if you google it. It has no accountability whatsoever. And, like all science you have to buy science supplies. I don't know of any free, plus accountability, plus no actual science materials needed science.


Has she considered a local homeschooling co-op? That might be free or low cost. There is prob a fee for science materials though. Once they are this age science involves 'stuff'.


Maybe her kid could design her own science fair style project using what is available in her community. If there is a lake or a river or a wetlands she could design her own experiment, something that runs over the school year. Maybe something like that? I live in a wet area so I always think of a water thing, but she knows her area. Her accountability could be some sort of public discussion of what she did. There still might be costs involved for materials.

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If money were no object -- here are a couple of options: K12 has pretty solid science courses with supplies, etc., and teacher grading. It's probably the priciest. Derek Owens Physical Science is supposed to be pretty good. I'm not sure if he grades the students, or not. And your friend would have to get lab supplies, etc. Exploration Education has a cd-rom based physical science course that comes with supplies, and that looks pretty good, and it's not too pricey. Just some suggestions.

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