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? teaching 5yo about maps, planets & stars?


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I'm going to be using Maps and Mapping by Young Discoverers, which is in IMO a great introduction to maps. It also has experiments where you can chart your own home and neighborhood. In addition, I'm using a cute little book called My World and Globe (First Geography lessons), which includes an inflatable globe and stand, and reusable stickers, including one that says "I live here". Hands-on for this age is great!


For planets and stars, a good book to start with is I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle and Other Questions about Space, then go to The Planets in Our Solar System and The Sky Is Full of Stars. Also, check out Stars and Planets (Kingfisher Knowledge).

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My dc learned the songs and we would find it on the map. It comes with a book and CD. You can copy the outline maps in the book and have him color the countries. It doesn't have a world map but that's a resource that easily obtained separately. I find myself singing the songs when I hear of a country in the news and I'm not too familiar with it. The only song we didn't conquer was the countries of Africa, only because there are soooo many countries in that continent and it's all in one song.




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A great book is Mapping Penny's World by Loreen Leedy. A little girl draws maps of her dog's world.



Also, here is a lesson plan page for that book I stumbled on when I typed it in google. I haven't actually read the lesson plan but it might be interesting.



Another fun book is Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney. A girl maps her world from her room all the way to the world.



And here's another lesson plan I stumbled on for that one.



My son is 4 and liked both these books. They are probably for kids a little older but he liked them and I used them just to introduce the concepts. An activity he liked a lot was doing a treasure hunt using maps. I drew maps of each room in the house with an x where the clue was and then had a treasure at the end. It was something simple like a cookie, I can't even remember. But it helped him get used to the idea of looking at a flat picture of something 3-D and what different symbols on a map meant.

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check out the cat in the hat learning library books (should be at your library, or Barnes and Nobles or Borders).

Specifically: There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe

and There's a Map on My Lap (same author). These wouldn't be a curriculum, just a fun supplement. My ds5 loves these.


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