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  1. DD used Art Through the Ages, 13th edition. We also supplemented with "How to Look and Understand Great Art" by Prof Sharon Hirsch. DD decided not to take the test as the college that accepted her would not have given her credit for it. We're done using the book so if you're interested in a cheap used art textbook that weighs a ton, pm me.
  2. Yes, CMU's School of Drama had a lower acceptance rate than the School of Computer Science (6%). I was very amused when I found out that info when DD was applying.
  3. DD is in CMU's School of Design. One of her Design classmate is a Presidential Scholar. I have no idea how he was able to get it or how much he got but I get the impression that it's a substantial amount. I didn't know about it when DD applied. I agree with Kathy. CMU is a great school and DD loves it there (but not the campus food.) Here's the blurb from their website: http://www.cmu.edu/leadership/pres-fellow-scholar/index.html Presidential Fellowships & ScholarshipsPresident Subra Suresh launched the Presidential Fellowship and Scholarship program in 2014 to provide critical financial support to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students across all of CMU's seven colleges and schools. The funds go to support a student’s academic expenses, such as tuition and graduate research stipend. By lowering the barriers of the cost of attendance for undergraduates and reducing the dependence on external funding sources for graduate students and faculty to pursue their research, endowed fellowships and scholarships will help ensure that CMU remains a world-leader in education and research for decades to come. As of February 20, 2017, related endowment funds and commitments of more than $285 million will support current and future classes of Presidential Fellows and Scholars across all seven CMU schools and colleges
  4. In case he might consider being a patent lawyer, he will need a undergrad major in the hard sciences. This is according to a friend who worked as a paralegal in a patent law office. Most, if not all, of the partners had engineering or math undergrad degrees.
  5. I haven't read through all the posts but I just want to thank OP for bringing this out in the open. As dd told me once, "We're not the touchy-feely type of people." I've come to realize that while we may not be a demonstrative family, it doesn't mean we don't love each other just as much. I'm not a bad mom just because I didn't cry buckets or know exactly what my dc did each day. I was sad then ds first when to college because he was the first. I was also sad for dd when she moved in in August, but her excitement made me also excited for her to be where she is now. I still miss both but the feeling of excitement and adventure is a much larger share of my emotions instead of sadness.
  6. When we went to ds' student orientation, the guide warned us that the dorms are kept very, very warm during the winter and to not even bother bringing a comforter. Sure enough, ds only used his fleece blanket during the winter months. He said that was more than enough. Maybe ask students on the school's fb group about this?
  7. http://6abc.com/politics/no-gas-tax-hike-in-new-jersey-for-now/1408561/ I didn't check to see what will happen next.
  8. I still like written thank you notes and I expect my dc to write them every time they receive something, or if someone did something nice. I think it is one of the ways I can help them learn thankfulness and gratitude for others' kindness and thoughtfulness. I've also heard two teachers (one high school, one college) comment on how a thank you note made a student stand out because that student was the only one that acknowledged something the teachers did for a bunch of people.
  9. Not a done deal yet. It passed the Assembly but the Senate still has until Thursday to vote on the bill. I think before they pass the bill, they should revamp the NJT and GSP organization to ensure the money does go to maintaining the roads instead of administration people. The turnpike is so expensive. Where is the money going?
  10. Do you send the final transcript to the school or through the Common app? There is an option on the CA for a final transcript.
  11. I agree that those things should already be provided. But I can also see why the schools don't. There are quite a number of students who don't know how to take care of things, or value things. I can already imagine the school constantly repairing or replacing those items. It would add up to a lot of $ for them.
  12. One of ds' friend is renting storage from the school to store his refrigerator. The outside storage fees were just too much money. We are storing his bedding for him. If our house was bigger, I would have gladly stored all his things for him. Ds found this same friend's lamp in the giveaway room, so we brought that home and will give it back to him in the fall. Growing up in a third-world country, I really find it hard to discard things, much less those that are still in great condition, but I guess this keeps the economy going.
  13. We went to pick up ds today from school and many other students were also moving out. DS told me that the lounge area is where people put stuff they are discarding. I also saw the custodian putting stuff in there. She said those were items from empty rooms that she just cleaned. Since dd is starting college in the fall, I knew I would have to shop for her dorm necessities this summer. Well, in the lounge, I managed to find (in very good condition): a waste can, a shower caddy, 2 large plastic drawers, a power strip, a hair dryer, a LED desk lamp, and tons of sturdy plastic hangers! I think I just saved almost $100. :thumbup: I told dh if I had known about the discard pile being such great pickings, I would have picked up ds tomorrow instead! (At first I was hesitant to take the items, but the custodian encouraged me to take them. I think they do eventually donate any items that are usable but it seems they get a ton of stuff being left behind by students, especially by those who have to fly home.)
  14. I have family outside the US whom I keep in touch with using Viber or Line. Using these apps abroad does depend on wifi being available. Only dh has a data plan while dc and I depend a lot on our home wifi and free wifi outside the home to stay in touch with each other. Best of all, it's free. When we went to London a few months ago without ds, we were able to text and talk to him using Line's calling feature.
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