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Last week it was a black widow, tonight it was a hobo spider.

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I used to be freaked out by spiders until I lived in Australia. When there are red-backs in every crack and huge huntsmen crawling on the ceilings, you learn that you have to relax. It always amazed me that even though they were everywhere, no one ever got bitten. I guess they really are more afraid of us than we are of them.

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And my youngest has many species of spiders living in his room (and my house) on purpose. He's doing a dichotomous key on Spiders for his Animal and Plant Science class at ps, but that's not why he has the spiders... and a preying mantis. Some are in containers and others free range...

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My son currently has his spiders to breakfast.:D (Mr. Tarantula, Long-legs, Black-Jaws, Mr. Black-back--all are stuffed animals.)

In his room there is a funnel-web builder in the window who goes by the name of Anansi.

He likes to feed the spiders outside by catching bugs for them.

Spider identification has been important to keep him safe, but at least I've only got two poisonous spiders to worry about. I don't know if he'd make it in Australia with his obsession with spiders!

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