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Jo! I took a spider picture today! Are you proud of me or what?

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Short story: Walking home from corner grocery, we see this yellow butterfly dead on the ground. Kid is all like, "Mom! We can't just leave it here!" Oh?


"Well, what do you think we should do with it then?"


"It is so beautiful Mom, it deserves a short service and a prayer, let's go bury it."


"I don't think butterflies want to be buried, they probably want to be picked up by a bird and fly back to heaven, huh?"


"Okay Mom, let's go put it over by the flowers so a bird will find it there."


We go over to the flower patch, take great care in positioning it's little body among the petals so it's eyes look to the sky. (quite unfortunate a wing decides to fall off, but ya..anyway) We step back to say a butterfly prayer for it's beady little soul..and suddenly I hear her scream, "MOM!"


And right there by my fingertips is this 5 inch gianormous spider in black and yellow with a four feet wide web. Holy catoots! What a moment, biggest spider I have ever seen in my life!


So, who else but Joanne pops into my head. "Jo would die for this shot!"


So I took a picture, am now upstairs recovering with a afternoon sip.


Aren't you proud of me Jo? :D

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We get those each fall ( pacific NW) and its fun to observe them. Right now we have one that has built his web right in front of our sliding glass door. We've been observing him for a week wrapping his prey, carrying it to his hiding spot and doing what spiders do. It's fascinating! We've decided he is our new pet. Will post a picture later.

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