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    For Sale: Institute for Excellence in Writing: Teaching the Classics Worldview Supplement DVD course and workbook $22.00 Unused; Excellent condition. Shipping +$4.00. Paypal only. http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/wvs Tracy :)



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    For Sale: Institute for Excellence in Writing: Teaching the Classics DVD course and Workbook $40.00 Unused; Excellent condition. Shipping +$4.00. Paypal only. Tracy :) http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/tcs


  3. I feel kind of silly asking, but I'm not sure how to calculate my son's cumulative high school GPA. I have a cumlative GPA for each of his individual high school years (freshman through senior), but does anyone know the correct way to turn those 4 into one, comprehensive GPA for high school? Thank you!
  4. We bought a Kirby in 1994 and it is still going strong. Only one small repair so far :) I LOVE it.
  5. I am sure they would, Jean. Dh got the idea from researching what people were using in their home gyms to do Plyo (high impact) workouts on. This is what they use. It made a huge difference for me. They are thick enough to absorb the impact of my jumping, but firm enough to give me a perfect surface.
  6. That is funny--never thought about looking on Craigslist! I'll be glad when they out-gas; the smell is a little strong. We use them in the basement though--so it's not too bad :)
  7. They are probably too heavy-duty for kitchen mats--they weigh about 100 pounds each I think! lol. Thickness is about 3/4 inch.
  8. I found these at TSC farm store. It just took a couple to cover a large area, and they are making my joints very happy! Just wanted to pass along a fun idea :)
  9. Know what this is? 5 of my 10 chocolate chips from yesterday. I didn't eat them! :D
  10. I have no help to offer, but just wanted to say that I would love to know what it feels like to have too many Pomegranates! lol.
  11. That sounds like a great plan. I have a friend who has set timers to remind her to eat. She has lost 185 pounds!
  12. A little food every 2.5 - 3 hours keeps me on track. It keeps me from getting so hungry that I cave and eat whatever is near me! lol
  13. Once is better than none. :grouphug: I'm proud of you. One step at a time.
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