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Volunteer work?

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What do your dc do for volunteer projects? Looking for ideas to incorporate into our schedule regularly, esp. interested in organizations that would not require a regular commitment. Boys are 10 + 13 and willing workers.

Our AoG church is small, and we have been involved in other churches' outreach programs, just looking for more ideas.

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around here, retirement/nursing homes and group homes for people with mild mental disability are always looking for volunteers to either keep company/talk to/play games with with the residents or do mundane tasks like weed out dry bingo markers.


Another option might be tutoring younger children? Maybe helping out in/for a preschool or kindergarten classroom? I believe teachers often need help pre-cutting craft activities.


Our area is always hosting "clean up the river days"


You could go on a trash cleaning hunt. People apparently are constantly dropping papers and grocery bags in our grocery store parking lot. This trash gets blown out of the parking lot and against a fence at the very far end of the lot. You only notice it if you look for it, but it looks really bad. Some playgrounds in our area are really messy too.

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Organize your own food drive! Learn about the Backpack Program, the information will change you. Find out which organization, if any, supplies the food for kids who are hungry and collect food for them.

My company is collecting Christmas gifts for kids in foster care or who are being drug through our local court system and child services department. Some of the "most wished for" gifts are actually pajamas, robes, shoes, boots, purses, and such. The thing a lot of people forget is that all sizes of kids are in foster care, women's sizes, large sizes...there are teenagers! If you don't know any social workers, you might contact CASA in your area or DCS.

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