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Play along? If you'd lived out of a suitcase for 5 years..

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and then had the chance to settle down in one place for some time (indefinite, but more than say, a year) ...like a "home."


What would you be jonesing for on your dream list of things to do/have personal items?


I'm going to let myself think about this idea tonight for *just a little bit* - and found myself absolutely blank like there's not even a starting point... :001_huh:

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Bookcases, a comfy chair, a real dining room table, and a comfy bed. Oh and real desk and more bookcases.


Aside from that a cushy rug in the bath, thick thirsty towels, some really nice body care products that aren't sample size.


In the kitchen, a nice coffee pot, one good set of dishes, one nice set of pots and pans, some good knives and silverware, and a toaster oven and a blender.


And a plant, maybe.

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*one pair of really nice socks that I don't share

*hope beyond hope - a garden

*closet space of my own, wow! Hangers and everything!

*photographs out in the open, ahhhh



Oh there has got to be more....


Oh, but they make digital frames now. Unfortunately we don't even have room for one of those at this time.:glare:

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I actually DO live out of a suitcase most months LOL.


Really the only thing I'd want is knowing I can count on certain things to always be there. Most importantly, my pillow always in place wherever I've left it - not moved or borrowed. And I'd love to leave all of my junk in the bathroom/shower instead of having to haul it out of my suitcase every time I want to use it.

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Ya, the library thing, a friend had brought this up...choose the first rental by order of importance in relation to distance to a library...lol


She knows me pretty good..I was just surfing the libraries on the net in a couple of cities in SC. North Augusta looks pretty decent - maybe a little too manicured, but I'm sure I could survive...


Now to compare square footage and holdings (like some folks would measure the inside of a home..) - yes, this is important to me.


Biggest library + distance = WIN

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