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If my dad.....

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Seriously, tonight I was all excited because I got asked to give a demonstration on beekeeping at a local old thrashers gathering in town. Thursday is home school day and Friday is PS day. His first reaction was how he heard how bad stuff happens there after dark. Huh? I am going during the day and there are going to be hundreds of kids there. I doubt that anything "bad" is going to happen.


Everything no matter how innocent it is is met with negativity. I could be eating a ice cream and all the while he would be warning me to chew carefully so I don't choke. And do I realize how bad ice cream is for my health?


If he is not warning me about something he is "teaching" me about something. I am 29 years old.

Sorry for the vent I am just soooo frustrated with it. Plus I said I was not going to say any thing. :glare:

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ever says anything positive as a first reaction I will fall over dead. That is all, lest I get banned:tongue_smilie:


Just lump my FIL & MIL right in with your FIL. They must have had the same teachers. :lol:


And may I say that it is an absolute travesty that you are called a 'worker bee' here. There must be some sort of appeal you can file with the moderators. I mean, you probably know as much about beekeeping as they do. I bet you never banned a bee from a hive before though!:lol:

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