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Grammar Freaks Really Are Strange

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I posted it on my wall as a joke and tagged a friend who I knew would get it. My cousin in law recently finished her 3rd or 4th degree, in psychology no less commented on the veracity of the claims.



Oops. :o :D


I was wondering how many of my fb friends would get it if I posted it (I didn't post ;)).

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Just checking whether I should hide my copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves before the mental health police show up on the doorstep :D




We had a good scream at work this week, when the uber-sincere and slightly paranoid psychiatrist from Russia repeated told me he'd read that an M.D. had been given the death penalty for ordering unnecessary MRIs.


It was in the Onion, which he had recently discovered as a terrific source of news everyone else was too scared of the government to publish. :lol:

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