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    I have: 1A Singapore Math Practice by Frank Shaeffer Publications 1B Textbook US Edition 1B Workbook US Edition 2A Textbook US Edition 2B Textbook US Edition 3A Textbook US Edition 2A Home Instructors Guide 2B Home Instructors Guide 3A Home Instructors Guide Answer Keys for the US Edition 1A through 3B The 1A Math Practice and 1B Workbook are in new condition, everything else is in good condition but used. I'd like to sell them all in a set for $30, but if they don't sell that way, I'll take offers on each book individually.


  2. He's eight. We have a balance ball and a wobble stool that he uses in addition to a normal chair at the school room table. We allow him to move as much as we can accommodate. Math drills frequently are done on the small trampoline we keep handy and flashcards are done while he runs laps in the room. He sees a speech therapist and we're trying to get him in to see an OT as well, but our pediatrician isn't being helpful. Luckily we're moving this summer.
  3. A lot of research is coming out about how standing while learning helps children with behavior issues (and even neurotypical kids) with behavior, attention, and memory. Have any of you gotten a standing desk for your child for those lessons that have to be done at a desk or a computer? If so, which one did you get and would you recommend it? I'm considering getting one for next year since I want him to start working on his keyboarding with an actual computer instead of a tablet.
  4. A lot of the threads I had subscribed to previously are no longer showing up in the content that I follow. Also, I tried following a thread today and it isn't showing up as followed in my "content I follow." Luckily I had posted the links to most of my subscribed threads in the "help us find great content" thread, but I was wondering if that is being migrated later or if I should go back and try and re-follow them.
  5. This book helped me with my inattentive little boy. http://www.amazon.com/Smart-but-Scattered-Revolutionary-Executive/dp/1593854455/ I will say, however, that my boy has ADHD, and is on medication for that. However, we keep the dose low and manage a lot of symptoms with behavioral or environmental changes. He needs protein to pay attention. Toast with peanut butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, something. If he doesn't have it for breakfast, it's not going to be a good day. Other meals and snacks need to have protein as well. Face him away from windows to minimize distractions. Frequent
  6. I like this website better: http://www.personali...entory.html It gives a lot of in depth information about the different personality types, and breaks it down by percentage, and you don't have to buy anything.
  7. Don't open the boxes, just chuck them. If you don't know what is in them, and they've been there since your last move, just throw them away. They obviously aren't important.
  8. The Lego website has the Star Wars advent calendar on sale today for 24.98. That's the best I've seen it priced all year.
  9. I started with a very small list of goals. That way, I could get them accomplished. Once I had that working to my satisfaction, then I could add something new. I tried to get each curriculum finalized before I would try adding in the next topic. That way I didn't feel like I was failing on too many fronts at once.
  10. There's also a set of Star Wars leveled readers by DK, if your kid has outgrown the phonics set.
  11. Read the book Weslandia by Paul Fleischman. It's a great book about a boy who creates his own country over summer break.
  12. Saviour Pirotta's book Around the World in 80 Tales is wonderful for this. http://www.amazon.com/Around-World-Tales-Saviour-Pirotta/dp/075345999X/
  13. Is there a K edition of the Evan Moor Daily Science, or does it start with first grade?
  14. If you were thinking of getting a trampoline, I would check with your home insurance agent first. Most policies these days consider trampolines "attractive nuisances."
  15. My aunt kills watches, and I have some friends who kill them too. My aunt had mixed success coating the back of the watch casing with clear nail polish so it didn't come in contact with her skin.
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