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Ways to make money

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We are in a yucky (and hopefully temporary) place financially right now. I know there are many others here who are in the same boat. I thought it would be a good idea to share different ways to earn extra money.


I found out today that gazelle.com will give me $45 for my old iPhone that doesn't even work due to water damage!

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Heather, are you doing any couponing? You can save a lot of money, esepcially on health and beauty products. There are lots of free web sites to get you started.


http://Www.couponmom.com matches coupons with store sales. This helps with grocery stores and chains like Target and Walmart. Target has some really wonderful deals when you match Target sales and Target coupons with a manufacturer's coupon for the same item. This is a big time saver.

http://Www.sundaycouponpreview.com tells you which coupons will be in the newspaper inserts, so you can flip through and decide how many papers to buy that week, based on what coupons you know you will use.

http://Www.iheartcvs.com and http://www.iheartwags.com give you ad previews for those two drug strores. Their sales plus coupons and their rewards programs usually mean cheap or free items each week.


http://Www.southernsavers.com has a really nice set of videos that explain the whole process of getting started, even if you are not Southern. ;)


It takes me a few hours each week to collect the papers, clip the coupons, go to a few stores, and look online for deals. And if you are on Facebook, you can like the pages of tons of coupon blogs and just scroll through your newsfeed to find deals while you are already logged on. Very easy! But I have cut between 30-40 % off my grocery bill each week, and a lot more than that on cleaning and health and beauty stuff.


I know it is not making money, but it can help free up money for other things.

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I've seen a post recently on our local parents' list for someone who had good handwriting. They needed someone to do invitations, place cards, and envelopes. You could offer this service on craigslist if you have nice handwriting. Just mentioning it because it's different than the usual.


There's also test scoring for Pearson:




I haven't done it but I think others on this board have. It's all online. Check out the link on the left hand side of that page for requirements and how to apply. They also hire SAT essay readers here:




but they are saying to check back later for now.


If you're crafty maybe you can make and sell things for the holidays? My friend's mom makes good money around the holidays selling her pre-made food for get-togethers and such, just to her religious community.

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I provide transcription service for deaf and hard of hearing students, from home, but it takes time, a little bit of money, and an opportunity to work in person first before being able to work remote. That said, I'm currently providing the bulk of our family's income working in this field from home. The software I was trained in and use is TypeWell.


I've started selling household clutter online through a local, active, large FB swap group. That also brings quick cash. It's like Craigslist, but faster and easier.


Direct sales is always an option, too. The company I sell through (Uppercase Living) just switched to weekly pay, so parties I have this week will be paid next week, and that's nice, quick cash.


Hope this helps!

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I assume a regular job is out of the question, but do you have skills for which people would pay?


I have friends who work from home, they do a variety of things:


instrument lessons

foreign language lessons



teach childbirth classes

teach online college courses

web design

graphic design

write computer programs

make pottery


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