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this was rude, right?

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I run a middle school homeschool group. We do social stuff, field trips, parties, etc. We meet thursdays from 1-3pm. We also have a co-op starting on Friday afternoons. Well, today, someone that has only been to a few events ever, posted on our group facebook page that she is starting a co-op, and it will meet Thursdays from 1-3pm. The same time our group meets...the one she is advertising on.


That's kind of rude, right? I wouldn't mind her advertising a group that didn't conflict with ours, but she is purposely trying to steer people from this group to another one that meets at the same time. can't do both.



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I guess I'm being way too nice, lol. I just commented "oh, so you are no longer going to be part of this group, given that we meet at the same time?"


LOL, I must have a skewed perspective, but I think just deleting the comment is nicer than that! :lol: I would also send a pm that said, "please don't advertise alternative groups on our group's page. Thanks-admin."

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Guest submarines
Ok, she just responded that she is hoping to move the co-op to wednesdays.


Awesome! Could've been simple misunderstanding. Maybe she isn't a very organised / meticulous person and made a mistake. I can totally see myself spacing out like this.


I'm glad you started the communication before any drastic action.

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