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Microwave popcorn bowls?

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In one of the threads about snacks, someone mentioned they use a microwave popcorn bowl to make popcorn. Apparently I have been living under a rock, because I have never heard of such a thing. I looked it up on Amazon and now I want one! I was already thinking about learning to make my own popcorn (instead of buying the microwave bags), so this looks perfect.


That is, if it's worth it. Tell me how well they work, if they are a easy or a bother to use and clean, etc. Also, can you make it very buttery like the bags? Could my 9yo handle making it herself? Is there a specific model that's better than others?



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My husband is a popcorn fanatic, and he loves his Presto Power Pop. He has the proportions of popcorn, oil, salt, and timing down so that every batch is perfect. :D You can reuse the concentrator cups to cut down on the cost or buy them on Amazon. I've also seen brand new bowls and concentrator cups at Goodwill. I've picked up another bowl in case we ever need to replace ours, but we've been using our current one for years and it's still great.

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We had a microwave popcorn bowl way back in the 80's. I don't remember the kind, but I think my mom still has the bottom; the top cracked so it's just a big bowl now. :(


We eat a lot of pop corn here. Maybe I ought to look into some of the ones recommended on this thread now.

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