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  1. I just finally resolved a phone tag situation that began last week. It started on email, I was inquiring about a summer program for my daughter, and he told me to call. I left him a message, he left me a message, I tried to call back but no reply, so I was about to give up. Then he emailed to say to call again. I'd just decided I'd wait until they put up more info online but I did try one more time and...victory! Yes, I hate it. And I hate the wait, and I know it's just a biased interpretation but it seems like they always call back when I'm in a meeting.
  2. The thing about vests led me on a brain trip of my own, I remember a character who wore a lot of vests. I came to Jennifer Morrison on House, she played Dr. Cameron. Sometimes had bangs, sometimes her hair was red and sometimes blond. Younger than middle age though.
  3. Thank you. PNES was something I saw last night that I wanted to look into when I wasn't just on my phone. I will definitely check into that a bit more. I'm sorry you've been through all this too but I appreciate knowing I'm not alone.
  4. Possibly, but we're so overwhelmed right now with counseling, groups, and her regular psychiatrist to help get her other issues under control. May consider that in the future though.
  5. Thanks, I think I just need to adjust my expectations and realize things will never be calm. I keep thinking "okay, that was the big thing but now we're over it" and then the next thing comes up. I know that sounds grim but expectations really shape reality, and I won't be so upset when things don't go as I expect. I called the neuro they referred us to but he does not see kids under 16. I made an appointment with our GP instead, perhaps I will get a referral. From my internet searches while waiting last night, I figured that we probably won't get an answer on what the trigger was.
  6. She does have some disordered eating (I hate to say it's an eating disorder, but this is one of the issues she is seeking treatment for). When she said her stomach was bothering her at dinner I asked what else she'd eaten that day, and she had cereal. So it is definitely a possibility that her blood sugar was too low because it was around 5:30 and that was all she'd eaten all day. And she barely ate dinner because she wasn't feeling well. She is an x-small and feels like she is huge. 😞 I was definitely considering these issues as well. She's a perfectionist and is a little
  7. I'm just so tired. I feel like this poor kid never gets a break. She's been hospitalized twice this year for suicidal ideation. I admit to thinking while she was seizing, "Oh no, she actually tried this time." But fortunately, no. I keep her medicines locked up and checked a few other places where there could have been pills, but she didn't take anything. I took her temperature thinking maybe she had a fever, but no. She had been pretty down yesterday, and just sat at dinner staring at her plate. She said she felt nauseous, but she's prone to anxiety and stomach issues and it was Sunday n
  8. My kids aren't old enough to go out on their own, but I'm nearly 50 and I've grown to resent my mother constantly giving advice. This is a cautionary tale. We came to blows over it while I was in the middle of a crisis. Before she came to visit for that crisis, I told her I was not in a place to receive advice as kindly as I could. But during her visit, which was supposed to "help" me, it felt like constant criticism and nitpicking. I lost it and started yelling at her. She apologized and said she understood. The next time we talked, she was back at it again. Now, I don't feel comfor
  9. Don't know if this helps but I have had tinnitus in my left ear for years and had the Moderna shot (both doses). I didn't notice the tinnitus worsening at all.
  10. Thank you for this recommendation! I've only done two workouts so far but she is exactly what I need.
  11. I agree with others that this person probably has anxiety. So getting the vaccine likely HAS made a difference in her life, even if you cannot see the difference it has made. Anyone with anxiety can identify with the feeling of a weight being lifted off your chest, and how that can lead to better sleep, which can lead to a better mood, and so on.
  12. It sounds like the partner is aware of the toxicity, is that accurate? I think that will help quite a bit. I'm a fan of JNMIL on Reddit--stands for Just no MIL. The subreddit put together a list of resources for dealing with toxic MILs and others. Lots of interesting reading here, maybe some of it can help. Sometimes it helps to know there are people out there who really get it. https://www.reddit.com/r/JUSTNOMIL/wiki/milimination_tactics My initial thought was that your child become an expert at the grey rock technique and learn to at least be with them, while the partner lear
  13. I can tell you what my 23 and Me tree is like. From the names I recognize on my 23 and Me list, they have accurately identified a first cousin (13.4% DNA match) and a first cousin, once removed (7.6% DNA match). They go on to list first cousin, twice removed, second cousins, etc. The lowest level of relation is 4th cousin, with a 0.23% DNA match. Does that help?
  14. Where I am with Covid-I used to be so angry over the covidiots. I left a lot of FB groups because I just couldn't let things go. I would feel a chill of anger run up my back when I read things those people posted. I also used to obsessively check the rates. I don't know if it was self-preservation or what but I have been able to let a lot of things go. Or maybe I am calmer because there has been a major change politically and I can sense that there will be an end to this, whereas before I wasn't sure. I only know one person who had Covid and then died, although her Covid diagnosis is what
  15. I thought of this immediately (but couldn't remember the comedian). When my family went through a rough time I found some little rubber duck charms to give my kids to put in their pockets, because that routine cracked us up so much.
  16. I'd like to add that about 20 years ago I did this. I was breaking up with a boyfriend that I lived with, but it was really my apartment. I moved there and then he moved in with me several months later. I got to keep the apartment and everything, but rather than using the time constructively as you'd expect an adult to do, he sat around playing video games. He didn't look for a permanent place to stay or pack anything of his. I think I was only displaced for a week instead of a month, but I definitely wish I had made him stay with a friend that week and had designated times for him to come pic
  17. My 9 year old has a bit of baby fat on her and I usually get size 10 or Large (10/12). She mostly wears dresses with leggings or scooters with t-shirts. She does not like structured clothes. I believe her shoe size is a 2.
  18. Yes, 11 is absolutely a huge time of change for girls. I hated being that age and I hated my older DDs being that age and I hate that my youngest DD still has to face it. Best friends become worst enemies. Any friends who were boys become enemies. But I suppose it's all about finding an identity, and new friends who will accept that identity.
  19. Why do you so desperately need it to *not* be about race? Obviously this was a crime against women (and one man) but why ignore the fact that they were mostly Asian women?
  20. That would have been a good place to clarify your meaning, if you so strongly believe I misinterpreted your implication.
  21. To what are you referring when you ask "Does anyone care about that?" Because there was a thread a week or two ago that went pretty deep into trafficking. I know you would never victim blame, but there is a sort of implication here that you are excusing the women for performing "untoward" acts because they may very well have been performing them under duress. But what if they were there as a choice? Sex workers do not deserve to die performing their job any more than say, grocery store workers.
  22. I'm thinking about this thread today as 8 women have been killed in Georgia, supposedly because the male assailant has a sex addiction and wanted to remove temptations. The authorities stated in a press conference that it was a bad day "for him." The treatment of women on the internet merely reflects the treatment of women in the real world. Also would like to note that just a week ago, there was an older guy pounding on my neighbor's door because he wanted to talk to my neighbor. The visitor stepped out to the sidewalk and started yelling my neighbor's name. You would have th
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