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  1. My 10yo DD has loved Poe for years. She's an odd duck anyway, but fwiw she started with the Raven, and then expanded to the Gris Grimly illustrated Poe stories. Amazon has a decent 'see inside' for those so you can see how you feel about it. She just loves them.
  2. I've been running a Writing Club for our homeschool group using these books exclusively, but with personal tweaks, like an end-of-year magazine. It has been working wonderfully! We've got a pretty long wait list for the new club sessions starting in September. :)
  3. Re-reading this and seeing you've already tried what I suggested (late night reading comprehension fail, I blame a too-long day) you may be SOL. It's pretty rare for flowing water such that could drive a small turbine to not express as a more lush vegetation area/dark patch on Google Earth. Only a pro hired to take a closer look could tell you for sure. Sorry!
  4. Fishfinder isn't going to work, you're right. You are looking for surface water? Assuming you have water on the property and don't know of wet areas, which is basically how a natural spring usually expresses itself ime, I would get on GoogleEarth and look for areas where the vegetation is darker, implying increased water supply. In our area, surface water/springs/bogs/ponds usually means wetlands, which means increased regulation, and most property owners don't want to deal with that and prefer to use well water anyway. Pretty much every land owner in our county needs to hire a wetland consultant at some point. Source: I'm a working geologist for a full-service earth science firm. Edited for typos.
  5. DD is doing Apples and Pears slowly alongside Bravewritery writing practices.
  6. Does *she* want to be tested? We have put off evaluations for many of the reasons PPs listed (meeting child where they are at, not interested in special programs, etc) but now as they are getting older they are more observant about their differences. DS especially is interested in knowing more about himself and his strengths/weaknesses, from someone outside Mom. We decided to go ahead and have both kids evaluated since the younger is sure to be curious as well, so now they are both on wait lists for neuropsych evaluation. I am not sure if we will give the kids the full nitty-gritty results--we'll wait to see what they say to decide that--but no matter what we are respecting their desires to have more concrete information about themselves.
  7. My 9 yo shows no interest yet, other than sort of an academic interest in romantic storylines. I will say that a couple of his friends his age already seem to be sweet on his little sister, though! But it's all still in a very innocent, "she's neat" kind of way. She's thus far oblivious other than she knows she likes to play with them, because they have the same kind of physical, imaginative play she prefers and that seems to be thin on the ground among girls her age. It's all still very cute to watch.
  8. DS: can discuss Shakespeare and the search for extraterrestrial life better than most adults, reads anything left unattended. Can't tie shoes. DD: Spends hours poring over anatomy books and her skull collection, builds precise block towers almost as well as DH. Still learning how to pronounce the 'r' sound. I don't know if that's the kind of answer you are looking for, but it is what it looks like here.
  9. My parents insisted I take our church's confirmation class in high school. After completing the course, I could not go through with the confirmation ceremony. My parents didn't hassle me about that decision--that was the RIGHT thing for them to do. But I still had to attend church with them "as long as I lived under their roof"--the wrong thing to do, given that I'd already learned all about the church but couldn't believe, and every sermon rang false. Since I've been an adult, we've maintained a don't-ask-don't-tell sort of thing about my non-belief. I would prefer less judgement and more give-and-take open discussions, but in reality this is probably about as good as I can expect given the individuals involved. Athiest/athiesm/non-religious/secular humanist/"none" are all acceptable terms.
  10. Not all of today's athiests are "militant", some are quieter about it than others, just like some religious folks are more in-your-face than others. IMO largely the perception that many athiests are more aggressive than in the past is related to many athiests' reaction to aggressive religious militancy and extremism.
  11. DS (age 6.5) to DH, yesterday, after seeing a large yacht in the harbor with Grandma. DS: "That's a big boat. Grandma said it is big enough to hold an elephant. [pause] But it isn't, really--an elephant couldn't fit in there. That was a nice use of hyperbole."
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