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Anyone not use babysitters?

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I read my post. I was horrified by the punctuation mistakes. Why does that happen?


Oh, and I wanted to say that both dh and I have been called for jury duty several times. We never get picked. I used to be glad, and as long as it doesn't involve murder or child abuse, I'd like the experience.


I don't know *anyone* who has actually served, but pretty much everyone I know has been summoned to serve.

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I don't use a paid babysitter. My s/n son can only stay with two people besides us. When ds was 2 we tried paying a friend of the family to babysit, but it didn't work out. My mil will occasionally let us go out alone (we live with her) but she spends most of her time with my sil's kids. (My sil is very needy:glare:) Occasionally my sister will watch him, but he has not been getting along as well with her daughter. They are at different places now. She's boy crazy, he's Minecraft crazy.


I have been called for jury duty once. I called and explained that I was the primary caretaker for my special needs son, and that he was homeschooled. I spoke to the sweetest woman, and she told me not to worry about it, and noted on my record that I was exempt. I've since moved to another county, so hopefully I won't have any issues here.

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I certainly have.


We live hundreds of miles away from any blood family. I used to hire one of the teen homeschooling girls from church to watch my children for 2 hours, 2 days a week during the school year (especially during the summers, when my husband was often gone for a week at a time), to have a short mental-health break.


I surely would have loved to be near family who could help.

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We don't either. I have trust issues, family and a close friend are the only ones we've ever had watch our children. My mil and sil and dear friend all love in town here, so I can almost always have someone I can turn to in an emergency. My youngest is 3 and gets left less often, he has several severe anaphylactic allergies, common foods will kill him if he's not treated very quickly. The people we trust with him have all been epi pen trained. But mostly I just cannot fathom hiring a virtual stranger to watch my kids, that's just us, and thankfully we haven't been in a situation where we've had to consider it.

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