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What should I do with 1lb. cooked shrimp

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You should be able to use it in most recipes that call for uncooked shrimp, but just skip the cooking step (if that makes sense.


Throw it into a stir fry at the same time you put in the sauce. It'll all heat up together.


Chop it up, mix withe some mayo and cocktail sauce and make seafood salad (or sandwich filling).


I often use Indian cooking sauces and just throw the shrimp in at the end.


Good luck! Shrimp is a staple at our house.


Janet in Toronto

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Well when I buy cooked shrimp (which I don't eat btw), they're frozen. I rinse them in water and pat dry, then toss in oil on a broiling pan. I sprinkle steak seasoning on top or something like cumin, have done it different ways, and then heat through in the oven. Doesn't take long at all and they come out glistening and yummy. I serve them with salads. I'm a fish woman myself, but dd and dh like shrimp this way, and it's crazy fast.

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Do a pseudo-scampi thing and serve over pasta? I make one with some butter, olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, lemon juice. I'll search for my recipe and add to this when I find it. The kids LOVE it this way. You just add the shrimp in to heat it only.


Another thing I do is to make a stir fry again adding the shrimp towards to very end to heat them up.

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