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Ooh, Home Science Tools Catalog!


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The children are seriously treating it like a Lego catalog or something. :lol: "Look, Farrar, did you know you can dissect a sheep brain?!?" Oh... goody.:tongue_smilie:


So, as a side question to this hilarious development in our house, what are your favorite things for life science? Books, experiments, bits and pieces, things you grew or pressed or preserved, animal brains... Actually, I told him I thought we should wait on the sheep's brain, but I was thinking grasshopper maybe? Earthworm?

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They have a glass chemistry set that we have loved... "Real" test tubes, bunsen burner, etc. Great to use with other kits, or to do experiments from books, etc.


And, well, just gobs of their stuff seems to clutter up our house. It's all great.


My kiddo saw the catalog right before the holidays and called it his "Wish Book." :lol:

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