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Books to go along with SOTW1?


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1. Some sort of encyclopedia (I use a DK Pocket Edition World History)

2. A Book about the beginnings (depending upon your faith - first people, evolution, dinosaurs, creation, bible etc)

3. A good Illustrated factual book about Egypt (again, depends on ages of children) I like ones that show art, hieroglyphics, clothing, jewellery, day to day life, plus machinery)

4. A book about other civilisations (incans, aztecs, babylonians, pompeii)

5. One more book depending upon the interests of the child. An ancient Rome one would be a good choice.


I have a pocket encyclopedia, a couple of egyptian books, famous figures of ancient times pop-outs, two books (egypt & rome) based more on the archaeological findings of a childs life in those days, A little history of the world etc.


Basic Guide to Encyclopedias:


Pre-K-K: Usborne First "Series"

1st-4th: Usborne

5th-8th: Kingfisher

9th-12th: Technical/Scientific based guides/encyclopedias


I'd say for younger kids, a basic encyclopedia with blurbs and nice detailed pictures that they can ask questions about, a more factual one for elder children.


Other books I tend to base on their interests, consequently we have a LOT of egyptian books, as my daughter is enthralled with Ancient Egypt, its even going to be the theme of her birthday party LOL

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How old are your munchkins? :D Their ages/levels would affect my recommendations. :)


ETA: OK, I see from the intro thread that the munchkins doing SOTW will be 7 and 6. My 7 and 6 year olds' favorites from this year:


The Aesop for Children


Egyptian Diary


Roman Diary


Roman Myths




Gods and Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology


D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths


City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction

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My son's favorite books were Conquest!: Can You Build a Roman City by Julia Brice, Egyptian Diary: the Journal of Nakht and Roman Diary both by Richard Platt.


What great suggestions. I haven't heard of either of these authors before, but they sound like wonderful additions to both SotW and other history curriculum.

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