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  1. Thanks for correcting my math. I used to live in Louisville which is on the western edge of Eastern time zone. Those late sunrises were tough. Where I'm living now, we had a 7:40am sunrise on Saturday morning. It's nice waking up to the first light of day again. I was talking to someone tonight who used to live in a place with a 9am sunrise. He said he had trouble sleeping in the summer because it was so bright.
  2. The usefulness of the time change depends greatly on where you live. On January 3, in Louisville, KY sunrise is 8am and sunset is 5:35. Would a 9am sunrise be better? I doubt anyone would agree. If you lived in Boston, on January 3 your sunrise will come at 7:13am while sunset will be at 4:24pm. Would a 3:24pm sunset be preferable? In both of these locations remaining on DST would be awful.
  3. We usually stay in Secaucus because it's a little cheaper than Weehawken and the hotel parking is free. The bus runs pretty regularly and drops us off at 42nd St and 8th Ave. Top off your EZ Pass account before you go. The tolls really add up fast.
  4. The sales ladies at American Eagle helped my teen son find the perfect pair of jeans. He had chosen for himself ill-fitting jeans that were also too short. When he walked out of the dressing room, the sales lady said she would take care of him and find a good pair. She did a phenomenal job. I think the only compliment his sister has given him in the past two months is how great he looks in those jeans. I'm really grateful for the customer service at American Eagle. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
  5. This is almost exactly what happened here minus the knowing kids beforehand. My son is doing very well in public school 9th grade. I think it helped that the school is smaller and very accommodating. I also think it depends on the kid. My son would have gained nothing from public school 8th grade. My daughter on the other hand, would absolutely need the 8th grade year.
  6. I love my Bosch mixer. Prior to that I had a Kitchenaid I barely used. The motor on the Kitchenaid burned out. I have the smaller, cheaper version of the one previously linked. I use it multiple times per week to make break, cakes, and cookies.
  7. Joe: The Horse Nobody Loved - It's very funny, but has a sad ending. I felt like I was sitting next to the author as she told me about her childhood. Cheaper by the Dozen Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio - not the funniest book, but this audiobook was very memorable. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I did not like the narrator of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, so I would not recommend subjecting your husband to that.
  8. Is he doing Alcumus? That will show whether he understood the topic. You could also have him work on Mathcounts trainer, but the questions are not separated out by topic.
  9. hellen

    Baby Names

    Orpheus Jocasta Thalia Cassandra Cressida
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. Another thing to look at is train schedules. There is no public transport on Christmas Day.
  11. I found tiny worms or larva or something in an unopened container of Trader Joe's pasta. They were crawling around in there. I checked the packages for a few years after that, but never had another incident. I really like Trader Joe's pasta so ten years later, I'm still buying it. My kids have found my hair in the food I prepare very rarely. I think that's gross, but they still keep asking me to make dinner.
  12. Mount Rushmore is doing a massive remodel right now. We spent around an hour there and that was only to complete the junior ranger booklets. It's the most massively overrated NPS site we've been to of the 60+ we've visited. Wind Cave and Jewel Cave are nearby. Both elevators were broken during our visit, so we were unable to tour either cave. The bison roundup at Custer State Park is in September. Check for dates. We saw more wildlife at Wind Cave than Custer State Park. We did the wildlife loop 3 times at various times of day. The most we saw were a few pronghorn. Seeing wildlife is all about luck. We saw two baby bison cross a road feet away from us. The people that drove by 3 minutes later saw nothing. Bison really are fast. If your kids are older, check availability for the Minuteman Missile tour. The museum is also worth a visit. I thought the Badlands looked best at sunset and sunrise. The harsh light of day wasn't doing the terrain any favors. ETA: I forgot about the burros. We saw them once out of three visits. They were a huge hit with my daughters (8 and 11 at the time).
  13. I loved the third rack on my Bosch. I found the Finish rinse aid really made a difference in that brand.
  14. You could try the REI Camp Dreamer XL or the Exped Mega Mat. They are both on sale right now. I've been sleeping on the Exped mat for the last two weeks. I haven't had to put any additional air in it yet. My son has slept on both and thought the Exped was a bit more comfortable.
  15. American tea just isn't as good as British tea. Will you have any visitors coming that can bring boxes of tea to you? That's what all my British friends do. They say that the British tea you can buy here isn't as good.
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