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  1. Are you certain it's not fungal acne?
  2. We have 3 latex mattresses from Flobeds that are very comfortable. They are all over 10 years old and still comfortable. https://www.flobeds.com/
  3. My daughter was 55 inches (4'7") and 76 pounds at 11 years 9 months. At 13 and 0 months she was 62 inches (5'2").
  4. One time someone had stolen our credit card. They placed an online order for a gift card and something else. We received the something and they kept the gift card. I returned the item to the store. Buying that additional item kept the entire purchase from coming up as fraud. More recently Rainbow Resource sent me something I didn't order. They accidentally put my name on the order that came after mine. I was able to keep a fun puzzle.
  5. This one has a separate nose piece. My teens like it the best out of the many patterns I have tried. https://www.madebybarb.com/downloads/fitted-face-mask-for-glasses-pattern/
  6. My teen boy developed acne on his forehead that wouldn't go away. He tried many of the OTC products over the course of months and was vigilant about skin care, but nothing worked. It turned out to be fungal acne that was cleared up with athlete foot cream within days. I had never heard of fungal acne before so I just wanted to mention it just in case it can help others.
  7. That feature will be added in a few weeks.
  8. I wanted to share this new online planner that was just released. I helped test it and can honestly say it's the best planner I've tried. It easily adjusts your homeschool plan on those days when something comes up. It allows you to print out the weekly schedule for the child. If you have multiple children, you don't need to re-enter the same schedule in future years. Give it a look. https://syllabird.com/
  9. The uniforms make me think of Syracuse University. The school has just one school color - orange. You guys might call it prison orange. It was chosen because it was unique and would stand out.
  10. If you need New York state, but not necessarily New York City look at Fayeteville-Manlius school district or Jamesville-Dewitt.
  11. NY requires masks so bring a mask. Indoor seating at restaurants is available in phase 3. Buffalo is in phase 3 and could enter phase 4 prior to your arrival. Hotels are open, but not all onsite amenities may be available. Pools for instance are phase 4. Maid of the Mist will restart on June 26.
  12. I went to high school with a boy who had late puberty. At graduation he was around 5'5". A few years later he was over 6' tall and completely unrecognizable. His voice, body, and face had changed.
  13. I enjoyed Flume Gorge despite the ticket price. I recommend Mount Washington. It's one of the windiest places on Earth. The drive to the top is scenic.
  14. Fatquartershop has very delayed shipping right now. I'm still waiting for the order I placed in April. I use Hawthorne Threads frequently. They get their orders out quickly. For any garment sewers out there, I like their line of knit fabric. It's not as soft as Art Gallery, but it is easy to sew and holds up well.
  15. If you enjoy outdoor activities, the Syracuse, NY area is really nice. There are lots of recreational options. There are numerous state parks and waterfalls. So much hiking, skiing, golfing, kayaking, etc. They have salmon fishing here. If you're not that outdoorsy then the Louisville, KY area is nice but it might not have enough winter. Also look into Lawrence, Kansas. It is much hillier than most people imagine.
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