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  1. I loved the third rack on my Bosch. I found the Finish rinse aid really made a difference in that brand.
  2. You could try the REI Camp Dreamer XL or the Exped Mega Mat. They are both on sale right now. I've been sleeping on the Exped mat for the last two weeks. I haven't had to put any additional air in it yet. My son has slept on both and thought the Exped was a bit more comfortable.
  3. American tea just isn't as good as British tea. Will you have any visitors coming that can bring boxes of tea to you? That's what all my British friends do. They say that the British tea you can buy here isn't as good.
  4. Sign him up for an AOPS account. Then he can do the free Mathcounts trainer and Alcumus. The prealgebra Alcumus has many Mathcounts problems. He can also watch the free AOPS videos. There are also Mathcounts specific videos, but they are for state level questions. He can still watch those, but they assume a knowledge of algebra and geometry. If you really want a book, look into Competition Math for Middle School.
  5. I didn't love the movie either, but I do enjoy the soundtrack. I've listened to it multiple times. My son had read a book about Barnum and mentioned during the movie that it wasn't accurate. Nevertheless, he enjoyed it.
  6. I'm friends with an Air Force wife. Her oldest is in his 20s. Her husband is a general. I know he deployed about two years ago, so that would have kept him from helping out. There wouldn't be a good reason for my friend (the wife) to be unable to visit to help her oldest child except for taking care of the other kids or taking care of a sick spouse. I know she attends way more work functions than I do. I don't know if it's voluntary or expected. As the wife of an Army officer, I attend nothing and host nothing. The branch makes a big difference. My friend is married to a Cavalry officer. She is expected to entertain frequently.
  7. Requirements/expectations for being active.
  8. I can't believe how similar our kids are. I could have written your post a year ago. My daughter is now 8.5. A year ago she still did reversals multiple times per day with every number that can be reversed, (2,3,4,5,6,7,and 9). Her reversals were inconsistent. She wrote the number 33 once with one 3 correct and one reversed. She just couldn't see the difference. Then, she outgrew it. She started noticing on her own it was incorrect and she fixed it. It's been a couple of months since her last number reversal. I think she still has a few letter reversals, j and z, which she doesn't often use. Absolutely nothing I tried worked and I tried most of the things already mentioned in this thread. She just needed more time.
  9. My child is academically gifted, but hard work is almost always more important in life. He would do much better if he spent more time both learning the material and checking his work. His grade is well below the class average. He's not really motivated to work harder or more carefully for a better grade.
  10. He is doing the honors. He spends about 1-2 hours every 2 weeks reading the chapter(s) and taking notes. Homework takes around 1-2 hours every two weeks. The videos vary. I think they are around 4-5 hours every two weeks. Lab times vary tremendously. Then there is a test every other week. The actual test doesn't take long. Studying time for the test varies. So if I add everything up, that's a minimum of 7 hours over a two week period, but he really ought to be doing at least another two hours.
  11. I'll put another plug in for Clover Valley. I feel like my son is learning a lot.
  12. Your child is doing so well self-teaching that I would let him continue as long as it is working. The videos do eventually run out. I don't recall which level. The proofs are just answers with explanation. It's like the answers in the solution manual or Alcumus.
  13. You ought to book several months in advance unless you're going during off-season. It helps to book early just so you don't get the worst site or the worst campground. In central Georgia, it becomes too hot to camp in early June at the latest. When we lived there, the kids started swimming laps in an unheated outdoor pool in late March. Our neighborhood pool opened May 1st, but we were hot and ready to use the pool sooner. If you go any further south, it's obviously going to an even earlier month before it's too hot. March might be the last month I would want to camp in a place like Houston. I think you ought focus on either the southeast or the southwest with your short timeframe. That's a really long distance. If it were me I would go in early spring and do something like this: Outer Banks Charleston Savannah Cumberland Island St. Augustine and Kennedy Space Center Miami and Everglades one of the natural springs in Florida and somewhere to see manatees Pensacola - beach, Fort Pickens, Naval Aviation museum, and Blue Angels USS Alabama in Mobile New Orleans Birmingham and Montogomery Huntsville Great Smokey Mountains and Cherokee Village in a great Cherokee Asheville Cranberry Wilderness in WV That's too much stuff despite leaving a lot out.
  14. I did a 4-ish week camping trip with my kids a few years ago around New England. We tended to stay in each area for a couple of nights. Depending on the location, we could be away from the campsite all day. I enjoyed the trip, but I enjoy camping. I'm considering another month long trip this spring or summer. Are you already experienced campers? Extended camping is not much different than short term camping. You'll just need to deal with dirty clothes along the way and restocking food.
  15. I have the compact Bosch as well. I like it quite a bit more than the Kitchenaid I had for over 10 years. I find that it works well for bread making which is my primary use for it. It's fine for cookies. I can't compare it to the Kitchenaid because I never used it for cookies. I think I prefer hand mixers for cookies, but my hand mixer recently died. My Bosch handles cookies fine but I miss the control of the cheap hand mixer. I felt like I needed to scrape the bowl less with a hand mixer.
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