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Is "The Hobbit" scary? Ok for age 6?

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I tried reading The Hobbit aloud last year to ds12 and we were both bored to tears. I decided it must be a good book, but we didn't get to it every night and it wasn't a page turner and just didn't work for us as a read-aloud. Now that the movie is coming out, I'm having him read it on his own (aren't I mean?!).


I'd love my younger boys (ages 8 and 6) to hear the story, but obviously I'm not excited about trying to read it again. So I thought maybe the audiobook. Then I began to wonder if it might be too old for them, scary, etc.? They don't mind a little violence or a little bad guy stuff, but are scared of creepy stuff. I'm wondering if there are some creepy, gonna-get-you scenes in the book? I remember we read the part about the giant (or trolls?) dancing around the fire and it seemed like they were going to eat the Hobbit-guy or something. At least reading it aloud, it didn't feel at all scary and I don't THINK that would bother them. But it's more the slow, sinister kind of thing that scares them.



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My family loves it as a read aloud. :) It has a slower pace in the beginning. The trolls are the start of some intense situations. They meet orcs, Gollum, a shapeshifter (good, but not particularly safe), giant spiders, a dragon, and probably some others that I'm forgetting at the moment. The scariest parts (IMO) are with Gollum, the spiders, and the dragon. I've read it to 5yos and it's been fine, but my kids aren't sensitive.


The kids are begging me to read the LOTR trilogy now.

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I read it to my 6 and 7 year old kids last summer and we're slowly working our way through LOTR now, but school reading and activities have slowed our pace greatly. My 4 year old listens in occasionally. Enough to know who the main characters are and a few major plot points so he can participate in the re-enactments. :001_smile: Go for it! I'll probably have my kids re-read it themselves next fall in anticipation of the movie, or at least listen to the audibook. They'll be 7 and 8 and I think will enjoy it again. And nothing spurs them to read a book like knowing they get to see a movie at the end!

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I think it depends on the child. I've been reading The Hobbit to my dc, and we all love it. They had no problem with the spiders. They already know a lot of the action parts from LOTR, though, so that might have helped.



My son is pretty sensitive and he was able to handle the Hobbit as a read aloud, although we read it at 7.

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